gif: minutemen

  • Fallout community: why is everything so shitty still? the bombs fell 200 years ago, and i still can't build a decent house or repair the broken ones! All I can build is shitty junk walls and ugly broken down furniture.
  • Preston Garvey: Hey wanna help me rebuild society and get people working together?
  • Fallout community: FUCK OFF

The Brotherhood of Steel: SYNTHS ARE EVIL!
The Minutemen: SYNTHS ARE… Shit, I dunno, can they plant a carrot? Or like, dig a well or something? Fuck as long as they aren’t parking a goddamn Brahmin on the fucking roof they’re fine by me, Jesus Christ… I mean I have like, six settlements on fire right now, some guy in County Crossing just got his nipples chewed off by a ghoul… Asking me about fuckin’ synths…

“He’d trade his guns for love
But he’s caught in the crossfire
And he keeps waking up
But it’s not to the sound of birds
The tyranny, the violent streets
Deprived of all that we’re blessed with
And we can’t get enough, no

Heaven, if you sent us down
So we can build a playground
For the sinners to play as saints
You’d be so proud of what we’ve made
I hope you got some beds around
‘Cause you’re the only refuge now
For every mother, every child, every brother
Who’s caught in the crossfire, who’s caught in the crossfire”

Crossfire by Stephen