gif: mike ayley

Why I love End of an Era

• Harmonies!
• Josh screaming ¿??!!¿?¿?
• Mike’s vocals I am LIVING
• References to every aLBUM
• Did I mention Josh’s screaming??
• So many harmonies I am singing them at once
• Josh saying ‘fuck’ !!!!!!
• But really the song parallels fuck me uP
• Matt and Mike backup vocals more like back me up into my fucking grave
• Ian’s drumming slays my life
• Honestly though Ian is the face of the band
• Seriously though if Josh doesn’t stop screaming I may end up in the hospital
• Shakespeare reference ??? Ouch !!!


The Men of Marianas Trench → Mike Ayley

“Believe me, there’s not that much interesting stuff to say. It’s very repetitive, this process. You have to have patience. Stay the course - Like a sailor crossing the Atlantic in a little sun fish sailboat. Pray for no storms, if there are, baton down the hatches. It’s all you can do.That’s what I’m doing right now, batoning down the hatches with this delicious, ice cold, fizzy ginger ale.”

Josh / Matt / Ian )