gif: michael jackson

“Once a week, the kids got to pick a special place to go, and one of their favorite places was Chuck E. Cheese’s. Since Middleburg was in the middle of nowhere, the nearest one was forty-five minutes away in Alexandria, south of D.C. We took the kids there maybe three times. But this one particular time, we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese’s and Mr. Jackson wanted to go in too. He wanted to watch them play. I escorted the kids in first. Mr. Jackson came in about ten minutes later with Bill.

The kids were playing and Mr. Jackson was sitting in the corner with a hat and a black veil over his face. The kids knew that whenever their daddy was in a public place, they couldn’t run up to him or approach him; that was against the rules. Can you imagine having to learn to stay away from your own father when he’s sitting across the room?

That’s what they had to do. It was a precaution. But Paris? She loved her daddy. There was no telling her "Don’t talk to your daddy.” She wasn’t having it. She was going up to the top of these slides yelling, “Look, Daddy! Daddy! I’m going down the slide! Look!”

-Javon. (Remember the Time)