gif: mib

I’m so sad that M.I.B disbanded, though not very surprised. They were all so talented and a very promising group, but Jungle ent did a really horrible and especially unfair job at managing and promoting them, which screwed them up the most. Other than that, though it’s hard to admit, I think the members weren’t very close with each other. Zick seemed like a total sweetheart who was genuinely friends with the three others and especially with Sims, but even from the beginning I got the feeling that Kangnam and YC kinda disliked each other and Sims wasn’t that close with those two either. Anyway, I wish all the best for all of them even though I’ll only continue following and supporting Zick and YC.


The greatest 15 seconds in cinematic history

Pretty self explanatory for this so-called special day, right, RIGHT????

To those who are single noble just like me, got struck by this cluster-fuck day.

Maybe some WildeHopps could cure our lonely heart~

And for those lovers out there: Cherish the time you got. Once today is over, you shall embrace my FLASH OF WRATH! Bwahahahaha~~ (sobbing)


We are not Whispers, Priory, Vigil or the Pact.  We are no longer part of the system, we are over it , beyond it.  We are them,  we are they … we are the Mesmers In Black

 Agent N and Agent I of the MIB  …  protecting Tyria from the scum of the multiverse [ my mesmers  Natalya Dumontt and Indigo Montari]

MIB is one of my storage guilds  maybe some day Ill turn it in to a real guild 



He was having a cellphone conversation about being on Saturday Night Live, and noticed some guys in black suits standing next to a black sedan. One MIB stood outside the car staring at Aykroyd, and another gave Aykroyd an unpleasant glance from the back seat.

Aykroyd looked away for a brief moment, and when he looked back, the sedan had disappeared. That car did not go past me, it did not take a U-turn. That car vanished, said Aykroyd. Aykroyd was informed later that day that his show was to be canceled, leaving many ufologists to ponder whether or not MIB influence led to that outcome