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Self-Rec Meme

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers. (from @primarybufferpanel​; I’m trying this in the usual periodic attempt to remind myself that I don’t suck as a writer)


Dani really hadn’t expected to be back at work before Crews.

Life, post-canon Dani/Charlie with bonus Seever & Dani working a case. Written for Yuletide, this still just makes me very happy: the dialogue, the awesome ladies getting shit done, capturing that strange symbol-to-motif-to-theme thing that the show did, and wrapping up the last trailing threads of one of my favorite series finales.

thrill as only we know how (co-written with @inmyriadbits​)

After their meeting on the pier in Seattle, the team goes their separate ways. But Ghost Protocol left the IMF in turmoil, so Will, Ethan, Jane, and Benji team up to take on the Syndicate, a mysterious and widespread criminal organization. Will has to adjust to being a field agent again, and learn how to work with his team when the world isn’t on the line – all while dealing with attack cheetahs, unexpected amnesia, train robbery, master thieves, and more.

Falling in love was not part of his scenario.

Mission: Impossible 4, Ethan Hunt/William Brandt. Oh man, who doesn’t love an excuse to write 28K of spy shenanigans and pining with gratuitous cameos and team feels and more tropes than you can shake a stick at? Especially when your co-author writes all the really hard action scenes for you ;)

Phone Tag

Five times Leïto left a message for Damien, and one time Damien left a message for Leïto. Set in the three-year period between the movies.

Banlieue 13, Damien/Leïto. This fandom is like maybe a dozen people, so this was one of those ‘well I guess I’ll just have to write it MYSELF’ fics, meaning I tooled around with it for ages and tossed all my favorite bits of headcanon and worldbuilding into it and therefore I love it lots. One day I will finish and post the post-sequel porn that I actually started *before* this, but today is not that day.


Two planetary landings, two desert planet teenagers, and one Han Solo.

Star Wars, gen. I just really love Han Solo grumpily trying not to care about people and failing, and the tiny number of people who read this seem to agree.

Learning Curve

Six times the team learned something about Steve, and one time they already knew. (set in arsenicjade’s The Goat’s Back universe)

MCU, gen + Steve/Natasha. When I’m writing fanfic, I enjoy really digging in on canon details and finding little nooks and crannies to hide stories in. This story was a rare case of liking someone’s AU enough to do the same thing, and so the lovely @arsenicjade let me play in her universe and roll around in all the h/c and found family and also add a smidgen of porn. Such a good friend! ;)

honorable mentions: Candid (POI), a species hitherto unknown to science (RoL/Attack the Block crossover)

I’m amused but not surprised at how many of these are gifts and/or @inmyriadbits​‘s fault.

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