gif: mcfly


‘I’ve got it!’, I [Tom] yelled at him. ‘The band name, I’ve got it!’



[…] Silence.

‘McFlurry?’, he [Danny] asked.

Danny: “I didn’t get it. I’d never seen Back to the Future. I honestly thought he was talking about ice creams. McFly was just a random word as far as I was concerned.”

Tom: “I couldn’t believe that anyone could have not seen that film, so I told Danny that next time he came down to London, we were going to watch it toghether. […] I felt almost jealous of Danny for never having seen it before, but most of all I just wanted him to agree with me, because in my head it was a done deal.”

Danny: “I started out enjoying the film well enough, although I still wasn’t totally sold on the name. But then, it got to the sequence in the movie where Bif is chasing Marty McFly and crashes into the manure truck. ‘Whoa!’ I shouted suddenly. ‘Go back! Go back!’ The guys looked at me like I was mad, but I kept on at them, and they started rewinding the movie. We watched the horse manure jump off Bif’s car an back into the truck. ‘Pause it! There!’ On the side of the manure truck were the words: D.Jones Manure Hauling. Fate. ‘McFly’s the name!’ I shouted. Tom and James looked at me almost in disbelief. It was an amazing moment. The beginning of everything. ‘McFly’s the name!’”

I was very anxious when younger. Being shy, never had called attention in my elementary school. Like rock and skateboarding was enough to be hated. Seems silly now, but some people would rather die than be seen with me. I was called grunge all day. I still remember the night that I decided I would like to join a band as a profession. I had a really cool aunt who loaned me some CDs of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and bought my first CD from Bink-182. That’s when I realized I was not going to be the little Dougie Poynter, who was the target of popular and was known to have lizards as a hobby. Even I didn’t have any notion about music, I would follow my dream so I went with my mother to my first test with 15 years old. 
- dougie poynter