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I hope that everyone within the Daredevil fandom understands that Karedevil shippers do not all share one negative viewpoint. Many of us have felt the divide that was created through negative posts and debates as well as an animosity toward Karedevil that made us want to leave Tumblr altogether.  I started to feel a rift a month or so ago and tried to suss out what was happening, but the people I spoke with never mentioned names and always remained classy despite what they were going through. I just realized that I wasn’t the only one who noticed my thoughts being plagiarized and who felt paranoid about certain practices by one individual. Believe me, despite the fact that we weren’t the ones being attacked, we were definitely not being respected.

My hope after everything that has come to light this weekend is that we can bridge the gap that has been created, but I think the only way to prevent this situation from happening again is to look out for each other. If you feel you are being attacked or harassed, message me and I am more than happy to intervene. We need to (for lack of a better word) police our own ships and support each other.

I love all of the characters in the Defenders universe (ok, with the exception of Danny Rand), and as long as they’re getting some action or falling into a pile of garbage, I’m happy. If you don’t love Karedevil, my general (feminist and sometimes political) blog is @littledidtheyknow. I love seeing your art and reading your fanfic & analysis no matter the ship. Tumblr has been my happy place during some rough months, and I really hope we can get back to that. 

Just know that you are loved, respected, and your thoughts and opinions are enjoyed by all - especially me. 

I'm a multi-shipper when it comes to Daredevil:

Matt x Karen (Karedevil) :

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Matt x Elektra (Mattelektra):

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Matt x Claire (Clairedevil):

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I don't really mind who he ends up with in the end. Just as long as they are all happy.