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There is no way of knowing who was happy with series 4 and who wasn't apart from TPTB. Actors will often be positive in public about something they did not like lol or will at least try to find postive aspects about it. It is part of the job and for some a way to not feel entirely sad about the work they put in, if that makes sense.

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Of course there’s no way to know how they felt for sure. This is why I’d love to sit down with Martin and have a private conversation over a beer with him and know what really happened. I don’t expect him, or any other actors on the show, to come out and say how much they might have hated it. It would be stupid of them to bite the hand that feeds them. But Martin’s behavior post S4 just screams unhappiness to me. And I think Mofftiss could stick a pen in Ben C’s eye and kick him and he’d still say love conquers all and be positive about it.

And of course I don’t know what Martin is really feeling/thinking. But as a fan of his I know I was pissed about how he and his character were treated post S4, so I can only imagine how he might feel about it.

Until someone writes their tell-all book, we’re not going to know. I look forward to that day.


Martin Freeman’s got lots of wonderful quirks and talents, many of which are on display in the film.  But his most remarkable quality as an actor is to be able, with absolute clarity, to convey that he’s thinking two things at the same time.  And you know as an audience what they are.  And I wasn’t the only one on the set to say to himself later: “I wish I could act like that.”  He has a palette of subtlety.  And I thought, this is a new sort of acting that I’ve never seen before. — Sir Ian McKellen, The Hobbit Behind The Scenes

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