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Mars in the 2nd House - Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend

“I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.” - Zsa Zsa Gabor

Mars in the 2nd is passionate about values and desires. The individual plunges blind into the internal and material pleasures that satiate her powerful urges. Sensual appetite fuses with tremendous willpower when this reckless Mars spirit is directed into earthy 2nd house focus. The individual is energised in the presence of her physical sanctuary surrounded by belongings and luxurious contacts. Canal desires are expressed through a high compulsion to establish a sense of security, connect intimately with others to sublimate the erotic appetite, and directing ferocious energies into growing her personal assets so internal demands can manifest in reality. Ownership is important to the individual and generates a sense of personal power. The ruby eye with Mars in the 2nd sparkles to reflect beauty in every particle. The human body is a valley she can explore with fascination, the mineral kingdom is an elixir that she aches to immerse herself in, and the sense of touch is a tantalising trance.

Developing a sense of beauty and self value is the conflict characterising Mars 2nd. The inner world can feel like a bloody combat field, ravished with unsatisfied impulse, material command, fears of loss and abandonment, and self worth complexes. Her innate reflex is rage and aggression when circumstances arise that she fails to get what she wants, or she is left insecure and depleted. Maybe she is reckless with money or feels that financial gains elevate her beyond man. And because Mars can be unstable, she may oscillate between each. The individual knows how to exhaust her talents and prioritise energy distribution so the most productive outcome can be developed. In astrology, Mars can be reckless and wild. Maybe the individual cannot control her urges and doesn’t know when to stop. She could streak through so much money, and crave so much material that it only widens her internal caverns, salivating at every touch and golden handshake. But she can also fly through the heavens under the launch of Mars fire. The ultimate enraptured state is attained through the cultivation of a magnificent inner world, dripping with the kind of quality cradle and opulent shelter her creative indulgence envisions. Bob Marley was born with Mars in the 2nd house. One of his better known phrases, “Man is a universe within himself,” relates to the richness of his inner experience.

Finance and business prowess can be natural features with Mars in the 2nd. There is a good eye for scoping opportunities that involve acquiring wealth and trailblazing toward far ranging dreams. The individual can experience a fast burn out and become uninspired and lethargic when desires are slow to manifest. Resources and money symbolise a form of energy which propel the individual through life. A healthy bank balance will have her bouncing, and exhaustion threatens when she begins coin counting. She will also see resources as a great tool of empowerment and amenity to lift people out of despair and destitute. Bono was born with Mars in the 2nd house and used his profound influence to drive Live Aid and promote the more equitable distribution of resources to our most disadvantaged people. This sort of expression blends the financial and prosperity aspect of the 2nd house with the fierce defender of Mars in action. It is important for the individual to retain independence over her finances and be left to work alone in solitude. When mindful, she can direct her powerful energies with refined calculation, but during times of instability she can lapse into frenetic and pedantic compulsions, work behaviours, and spending patterns. The ruby red sparkle that surrounds Mars in the 2nd exists in the dwellings of the inner world, waiting for her indulgence so it can be polished and she will shine like crystal frosts of scarlet fire.

-Cherryart by glittersniffer

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