gif: mae

Best available dance partners~

A pretty bittersweet event, emotions jump back and forth rapidly but its really stood out as one of my favourite moments in Bea’s timeline. 

I’ve had another ago at some NITW art and drew this lively scene that stuck in my head long after it had ended. There’s something about watching characters dance and express themselves through movement that opens up windows of personality. When I dance I hope to believe I can look anywhere near as good as Mae does!


The results from last night’s NITW requests stream! 

  1. Outfit swap between Mae and Gregg!
  2. Adina Astra from Lost Constellation (which I still haven’t played)
  3. Gregg and Angus being cute together!
  4. Ghostly Casey comforting Mae
  5. Ladder stack with the whole gang!
  6. Mae and Bea playing Undertale!
  7. …Aaand aftermath of the previous request
  8. Germ!
  9. And Mae with the big giant wibbly eyes a la Puss in Boots

Thanks to everyone who came by!