gif: lord of the rings

‘Alas! alas!’ cried Legolas, and in his fair Elvish face there was great distress. 'The tidings that I was sent to bring must now be told. They are not good, but only here have I learned how evil they may seem to this company. Sméagol, who is now called Gollum, has escaped.’

‘No wonder you elves couldn’t hold on to the Silmarils, you can’t even hold on to a 500 year old Hobbit,’ muttered Gandalf under his breath. 

For “The Lord Of The Rings,” Tolkien invented 27 languages, created an elaborate fantasy realm in which humans live alongside elves, hobbits, dwarves, wizards, orcs, etc.,—each with their own histories and mythologies, and several with different subpopulations scattered throughout this realm—then spent decades writing a 1000 page story about them which went on to be the second best selling book of the 20th century after the Bible and which is widely regarded as a masterpiece of English literature.

And he kept the Gregorian calendar.


This is…really interesting. Elves that have seen the light of Valinor and dwelt there were exposed to the Unseen Realm for such an extended period that they…sort of exist a bit removed from reality now? I’m wondering if that’s a result of being around so many Ainur, being taught to astral project or smth by the Ainur, or if Aman itself is on a slightly different dimensional plane altogether?

Ok so I’m rereading fellowship and it keeps mentioning people sending and receiving letters and I just keep imagining some kind of Middle-Earth pony express, like some disgruntled Took having to go the whole way out to the Lonely Mountain to give them a copy of Bilbo’s latest self-indulgent poetry or whatever and being like goddamn it Bilbo I am not dying so Gloin can read two stanzas about your friend Aragorn jfc

iconic parts of lord of the rings that sadly didn’t make it into the films:
  • Frodo and Sam getting into a fight about rope
  • Gandalf and Aragorn tag-team sassing a convalescent Merry about the location of his pack
  • the massive intra-Fellowship fight about how fair or unfair it is for people to be blindfolded
  • Legolas coming all the way from Mirkwood to deliver bad news and get bitched at by Glóin
  • Bilbo’s passive-aggressive notes to his annoying relatives
  • Aragorn and Éomer leaning on their swords to take a break and chat in the middle of a fight (twice)
  • Saruman appearing out of nowhere and harassing the Three Hunters like a DND random encounter
  • the disco ball/oil slick/sequin robes
  • basically every time Ioreth or the Master of the Houses of Healing says anything
  • Pippin jumping into his bath and soaking literally everyone
  • Bilbo’s song about Eärendil and Aragorn trying to gently point out that some topics of conversation are Sensitive
  • Frodo deciding that the best way to be inconspicuous is with a loud obnoxious song about when the Moon got drunk

feel free to add your own