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that one time in atl zelo thought he was a grownassman and not a fetus and started humping the floor…

(snippet from my fancam - LOE Atlanta 4/27/16)

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We’ve been attacked; please change your passwords

This is an URGENT MESSAGE to all LoE account holders. A short time ago, Legends of Equestria suffered a malicious cyberattack, and we believe that compromising account information has been accessed. We therefore strongly recommend that everyone who used the same password on our forum (and therefore for their game account) anywhere else to CHANGE THAT PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY. This is a safety precaution; we do not store passwords themselves in plain text, but the information that may have been compromised could allow simpler passwords to be brute-forced. 

We are currently locking down all production until we can guarantee the safety of all team members and players, and our forum will be offline until we’re certain that we’re secure. We will require a mandatory password reset on LoE itself for all account holders, but we still strongly urge you all to change your passwords on other services if they’re the same as your LoE password. We can only apologise for this, and continue working until we can guarantee everyone’s safety once more. 

If you used your LoE password anywhere else, for your own safety, please change it IMMEDIATELY.

Things the Fandom Decided about Sunset Shimmer that  I’ve Just Accepted as Fact:
  • Rides/owns a motorcycle
  • Lives in a crappy apartment in downtown Canterlot
  • Vegetarian, will never eat meat even if you paid her
  • Gayer than gay
  • Flips the collar up on purpose (like a dork); as of Friendship Games wears the jacket Rarity made for her with almost too much pride
  • Is a dork
  • Kinda ripped? Or at least in great shape
  • Short (no but seriously, she’s short in canon– unlike most of her friends, she’s constantly wearing heels)
  • Knows curse words from two different dimensions and uses them all incredibly frequently
  • Fite mom friend, super chill but will beat you up
  • Legitimately thinks of Princess Celestia as her mom, will fite if you say differently
  • Can handle The Alcohol
  • Older than she admits (she has to be, like, what? 9 years older than Twi for her backstory to actually make sense, but now she’s 18 again in this dimension and just … hasn’t told anyone she’s not??)
  • Would take actual bullets for her friends now, for any of them, just try her, punk

@Regrann from @loe703 - Aye Green Ranger Got The Spot Lit!! 😂😂😂
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