gif: life's too short


Here is a little animatic/storyboard video I made on a Frozen cut off song, « Life’s Too Short ».
I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed doing it.
Feel free to comment, I’d love to have some feedbacks !

As I see a recurent debate amongst the ppl who reblogged the video between the one saying that this should have been in the movie and the other saying that it’s better without it, well here are my two cents: this song comes from a previous version of the story with a prophecy about an everlasting winter threatening the kingdom. Both Anna and Elsa’s personnalities were different in this version, and this sequence wouldn’t fit in the final movie because as the story changed, they’re character changed. It’s a kind of alternate universe Anna and Elsa XD

Life's Too Short (Reprise) Outtake
  • Life's Too Short (Reprise) Outtake
  • Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez
  • Frozen

“sadness swirls within me like the snow

i’ve frozen out the only friend i’ll ever know”

she made these gifs (x)

Life's Too Short [Reprise] (Deleted Song Demo)
  • Life's Too Short [Reprise] (Deleted Song Demo)
  • Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez
  • Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / Deluxe Edition)

“Life’s too Short” (Reprise) cut from Disney’s FROZEN

“Life’s Too Short” was a duet for Anna and Elsa that was cut from the film.  This demo is a beautiful reprise of that song.

Life's Too Short rewrite

I’ve spoken (a lot) about the possibility of the cut song Life’s Too Short being re-added into the Broadway adaptation to replace the scene between Anna and Elsa in the ballroom when Anna tries to ask Elsa for her blessing and Elsa accidentally reveals her powers.
So… here it is. Some parts stay the same, some parts are changed to fit the new place in the story and some lines are lifted directly from the equivalent scene in the screenplay.

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