gif: laurence anyways


5 reasons to love Xavier Dolan:

1-He’s only 25 but he already wrote and directed 5 movies, the first one when he was 19 years old.

2- He’s the producer, director and writer of all of his movies. And actor in some of them too. He’s also the guy who buys donuts. 

3- Just look at him. He’s like the canadian god of flawless.

4- His movies are so so so good. Four of his films got into cannes, each one awarded a prize. The first one, J'ai Tué ma Mère (I Killed my Mother) received an eight-minute standing ovation.

He’s the voice of Jacob Black in the french version of Twilight and the voice of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter one.

Extra: He actually wrote this letter to Leonardo DiCaprio when he was 8.