gif: kuroko

  • Akashi: *glaring*
  • Kuroko: *glaring*
  • Midorima: How long have they been doing that??
  • Murasakibara: About two hours.
  • Kise: I can't tell if they're trying to fall more deeply in love with each other..
  • Aomine: Or trying to use heat vision.

Kuroko in a nutshell that’s actually in a NUTSHELL

GOM + Kagami, Himuro, Hanamiya and Kiyoshi as pick-up lines

you know what it is

this is the second part of this valentine’s special i posted last year, ikr i love u 2











too-many-fandoms666  asked:

GOM + kagami having all their kids play each other in basketball? (bonus one of the kids having a crush on one of the boys daughter?) thx uuuuu

What if their children were the opposite of them??? haha

Kuroko: If Kuroko’s son was completely honest, then he would tell his dad that he just wasn’t terribly interested in basketball. Still, he’s a good son and humors his dad by playing with the other kids for a bit. It’s a good thing they’re all friends, otherwise he probably would have just walked away by now.

Kagami: It couldn’t be helped that Kagami’s son wasn’t the best at basketball. Despite having a father who played it all the time and many friends who did as well, he just couldn’t find his talent for the game. That didn’t stop his boy from playing with all his friends, trying his best to keep up.

Kise: There was a little green haired child tagging along with his daughter and Kise was sure he knew who the boy belonged to. Despite that, he still stuck around his daughter for the entirety of the day, disguising his watchful eye as an attempt to cheer for her throughout the game.

Aomine: His son was crying, having been hit with the basketball over his head, and it was just a little bit embarrassing. Despite this, Aomine is a good father and scoops his little boy from the court, promising to kiss the pain away and sit with him in the sidelines while they watched the other kids play.

Midorima: He didn’t know how he had raised such an unruly and flirtatious little boy. Midorima’s son seemed way more interested in flirting with the girls around him than he did the friendly basketball game between friends. One girl in particular, Kise’s daughter, caught his son’s eye over the others.

Murasakibara: How he ended up with the most energetic child out of all his friends, Murasakibara didn’t know, but it was fun and tiring to watch his daughter run up and down the court, trying her best to steal the ball. She was tall and just a bit lanky like he was at that age, so it made it easier for her at times.

Akashi: Just like her father, Akashi’s daughter was naturally talented at the sport. She loved to help the other kids with their positions, encouraging them to keep on trying whenever they felt the need to give up. He was proud to discover she really enjoyed leading the group of kids playing that day.