gif: kristen wiig


Ghostbusters + times Erin’s blue eyes looked especially b l u e

After Dippold, we get Kate McKinnon, who I have a fully public and very sincere crush on. I have to think about my question carefully; it needs to be something that both gets a useful answer out of her and makes her want to be my best friend. I wait and let my peers take the floor for a few minutes. The group’s initial questions for her revolve around costumes and gadgets. “You can’t imagine the gadgets,” she says when someone asks her about the gadgets. The AD calls for quiet on the set for an action shot involving Kristen Wiig on a wired harness, and McKinnon shouts “YAS, KRISTEN!” when they call cut. I feel my heart swell. I ask her about doing action scenes for the first time. “I’m a comedian, and I don’t think of myself as someone with a cool body who can do stuff,” she says. I laugh. She laughs. We all laugh
—  Emily Yosida in her article: “I visited the set of Ghostbusters”