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EXO Reaction to: You Take The Blame for Their Mistake & Get Fired

Anon: Could you please do a reaction when exo member was going to be scolded/did something bad but you cover up for them and get under the fire yourself for their sake.. however​ member still finds out afterwards? Sorry if this is weird🙏 Thank you in advance!💕💕

a/n: dw, anon! your request isn’t weird at all! and I hope you like it ~

Xiumin: He’ll confront you immediately.

“First of all, I want to thank you. But also ask you to never do that again. I’m very appreciative but I’m an adult, I can take responsibility for my actions. I talked to the Boss and he’s willing to rehire you. So please come back with me, we both have work to do.”

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Luhan: He’s very gracious and polite, confronting you immediately to ask why you had taken the fall and thank you, from the bottom of his heart. He finds you a new job and spends months apologizing, sending you thank you cards and flowers in the mail until you ask him to stop. He still keeps in contact with you, every so often, mostly being a Cat Dad and talking about his pet.

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Kris: He gets you an even better job in China, since he was leaving SM too, and you don’t realize this at first. It’s only after working there a few months than the secret is revealed and you immediately pay him a visit, to thank him.

“Thank me? You’re the one who saved my ass. Besides, the CEO had a dick brain this size so he never deserved us anyway.”

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Suho: *ignore the captions lol*

He surprises you by pulling up to your house in his car, honking until you step out in confusion. “Yah! What are you doing in your pajama’s! You’ve got work in an hour!” He was friends with some higher ups that convinced the CEO to listen to what he had to say. He explained the situation and while he had hell to pay, at least you had your job back.

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Lay: Decides to repay you by hiring you, to his studio in China. Although the work is still hard, he’s a lot more lenient than your old boss and easier on the eyes but still strict in his own way. You built great friendships at your new job and find yourself feeling happy that you were fired.

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Baekhyun: Takes you out to dinner, to thank you and to promise he’ll get your job back. It takes a few days of his constant whining but eventually, the CEO rehires you. And leaves Baekhyun with a massive punishment, for his mistake and for how annoying he had been those few days.

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Chen: Whines to all the guys. Until a light bulb flashes over his head and he voices his amazing idea; “Junmyun-hyung, why don’t you just hire (Y/N), since you’re already rich?” But that idea goes nowhere. He decides instead to help you find a new job and with the backing of Chen from EXO, you find work in no time.

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Chanyeol: Although grateful, he wishes you hadn’t taken the fall. He knows the CEO won’t listen to him and focuses instead on cheering you up and finding you another job. Suho helps him out and he manages to find you new employment, happily arriving on your doorstep (after looking through your file to find the address.)

“Hello! Can I come in? I have good news!”

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D.O: As you sit on the curb, newly unemployed and feeling miserable, a figure sits next to you. It was Kyungsoo, who hands you a cup of coffee and calls you an idiot.

“That was my mistake, I should take the fall, not you … But thank you. Now get back up. You’ve got work to do, and I’ve got three practice rooms to clean.”

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Tao: Honestly? He’ll tear up. The fact that you would take the blame, even though you weren’t close with him, showed your good heart. And makes him feel guilty. He vows to find you a better job, with a better boss. Which he does.

He’ll send you a letter, handwritten, telling you that he knows what you’ve done and appreciates it. He also tells you to be at work by 9 on Monday, because your new boss hates tardiness.

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Kai: Can’t live with himself, knowing you took the fall for his mistake. He goes right to the head and explains how it was his fault, not yours, that you should not have gotten fired. The response he gets is cold and he’s left feeling anxious, thinking that his confession made no difference.

Until he shows up the next day and sees you, eating in the canteen. He smiles softly to himself. He never finds out if you knew he confessed, but at least he can sleep easy at night.

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Sehun: He’s really shocked when he finds out. He didn’t know you well, didn’t expect you to have covered for him like that. Which makes him very grateful. He’ll be a brat to the CEO until he’s forced to either rehire you or put in a good word at another company, so they hire you instead.

He’s very happy with himself, at getting to repay your good deed.

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Imagine Kris sitting with his phone, sweating furiously. He’s texting the girl he likes, but it’s been 42 minutes since he has replied. He stares at his phone, uncertain which laugh to use. She never texts him back after he replies with “hehe ;)”

He wonders where it all went wrong.