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Kimi ni Todoke Manga Updates

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to share the announcement that was made at the end of Volume 29 (which came out Tuesday, July 25th). 

I’m not going to translate word for word, but the gist of it is that Kimi ni Todoke will end with Volume 30. The next chapter (Chapter 120) will be released in the September issue of Bessatsu Margaret (August 12), and then the countdown to the end begins! The announcement also gives us an idea of what to expect going forward (super vague of course, haha): 

“With the end of the graduation ceremony, there are three people who still await the results of their university entrance exams: Sawako, Kurumi, and Kazehaya. Each of them approaches the moment of fate. And then, Ayane and Ryu have decided to leave their hometown. On the other hand, Chizu will remain in their hometown. The time for departure is increasingly imminent…Sawako and her friends go steadily forward to the future - don’t miss it!” 

This announcement also claims that the September issue of Bessatsu Margaret will include a “special present” (probably Kimi ni Todoke-related). 

I think that Shiina will do about 4 more chapters (maybe 3, maybe 5), so if there are no more hiatuses the series will probably end in November or December of this year. :( 

Below the cut, I’ve included some spoiler-y goodies from Volume 29. As always, sorry for the bad photo quality haha! Enjoy!

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