gif: josh ramsay


“And then she went and slept in my bed”

im sick of seeing people on Josh’s instagram posts talking about his weight. they should look into that Josh isn’t underweight by his choice, and he’s not extremely underweight by any means. His diet had to be changed drastically after he was hospitalized for gall stones (or pancreatitis i cant remember). He’s on a virtually fat-free, gluten free diet. He’s stated this (and posts about what he makes himself to eat a lot on his insta).

Im pretty sure if there was something wrong the boys would likely notice and help him out. He doesn’t need to be constantly told “oh you’re so underweight!!” or anything of the like. The man survived BOTH Bulimia and Anorexia. A man coming up on 32 years old doesn’t need to be lead by the hand on how to take care of himself anymore. Leave him alone?? jesus.

Marianas Trench album checklist

• Opening and closing songs can’t be less than 5 minutes
• High notes most female singers can’t hit
• At least one rlly sad song about Josh’s personal life that makes you want to hug him
• Reference as many older songs as you can in the closing song


Here’s Josh pranking Shawn Hook in Abbotsford, filmed by my friend