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Friends with benefits with Johnny please~

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  • Johnny most likely wouldn’t sign up for a friends with benefits relationship, he’s just not the type.
  • He believes emotions are important, therefor he wouldn’t be able to dull his own.
  • Even tho the label ‘friends with benefits’ may be used, it’d feel like you were dating- because he would treat it that way.
  • He’d do everything a boyfriend would… get you gifts, call you late at night to chat, arrange dates, get jealous, etc…
  • He wouldn’t be good at separating his emotions.
  • He’s the same with sex.
  • It wouldn’t last long.
  • You’d either get turned off by his obvious feelings and call it quits- or admit you like him as well and opt for a real relationship.

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The way she had asked that as if they had been innocent enough would bring some form of doubt in his mind. Unless…

Oh no.

Thinking quickly, Johnny only needed to make an attempt to play this off as he spontaneously came up with an idea in order to try and play this out. It was bad enough that their memory had been altered or even regressed to a point that he hadn’t even met them yet.

“O-Oh! I’m uh, a friend of Gramma’s! I just came by to check on things on her behalf of course.”  Whether he was crossing two clawed fingers behind his back or hoping that she wasn’t too aware of him coming off being suspicious.