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  • John HLV: My wife is an assassin she shot my best friend I hate her how have I been played like this I don't deserve this what are the sins I'm paying for
  • John TLD: Mary taught me how to be the man she thought I was
  • Sherlock: But you are good and bra-
  • John: Stop
  • Sherlock: You've always been loy-
  • John: No further
  • Sherlock: You have saved me befo-
  • John: LA LA LA
  • Sherlock: Please listen, there was a time you'd do everything for those you-
  • John: she taught me everything in life

I’m tired of the constant shipping war, of the constant fandom war. Like, stop. I ship johnlock. I believe in tjlc. I didn’t like s4. Do you ship sherlolly or adlock? Maybe sheriarty? Can’t make sense of tjlc? Loved s4? That’s fine by me, I’m not the shipping police and neither are you. Nobody is. Stereotypes suck. Just because I’m tjlcer doesn’t mean I hate everyone who doesn’t agree. I can follow pro s4 blogs without wanting to prove them wrong. I ship what makes me happy, so are you. Stop generalising, just stop. Fandom isn’t made for hate and bullying.

Things John Couldn’t Possibly Write In His Blog

Link:Things John Couldn’t Possibly Write In His Blog

15k, Explicit, Canon Divergence

AO3 Summary: 

John Watson is possibly the most stoic man in the Sherlock universe. What is he hiding under that facade? What are all these things he can’t tell his therapist, can’t write in his blog, can’t even allow himself to say?

“My flatmate is the world’s only genius consulting detective, and I am the world’s foremost closeted perverted queer. I wonder what notes Ella would scribble down if she caught wind of that.”


Hi everyone! So I’m quite new to the fandom and haven’t been writing very long. But I’m quite proud of this fic here and if it’s your cup of tea it would really make my day if you check it out. This is a John that very much draws from my own experience, deep in the closet, frightened of his own desires, and he finally gets his happily ever after.

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Chapter 41

J: Thanks for coming, Greg. I know you’re busy.

G: Think nothing of it. I am always at your disposal. (rubbing his hands together in kind anticipation) So, what’s up?

(John shifts uneasily, beginning to second-guess the decision to voice his concerns to Greg. Being ever more perceptive than Sherlock believes, Greg takes notice of John’s discomfort and raises his brows in his own inquisitive concern.)

G: Are you all right?

J: Yeah. Fine. (inhaling deeply) I’m a bit concerned about Sherlock.

G: Mm. Where is your better half anyway?

J: Tesco.

G: (grinning and leaning back in his chair) Really. The Great Sherlock Holmes is doing the shopping?

J: You’d be surprised how domestic he’s become while I’ve been sidelined. 

(John is about to continue on to the reason he asked Greg over, namely Sherlock’s nightmares, when he notices the man’s expression and pauses. Greg has a very genuine smile on his face as he looks at John fondly. John can’t help a small smile of his own.)

J: What?

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