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as a joe mazzello stan, i am extremely conflicted on him being casted in the upcoming Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m excited to see him working again. Excited to see him work with Rami Malek. Absolutely gutted that it’s in a film with a shithole like Bryan Singer directing it and that it’s rumored to not talk about Mercury’s sexuality or his AIDS. i’m happy that Joe is gonna be on the big screen again but i’m pissed that it’s going to be in a movie that I wanted nothing to do with.

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girls on the internet tease me because of vegetables what should I do =[

i forgot a lisp doesn’t come through online

you should probably build them a mansion and send the cast of BoB and the Peathific over there too

you’d better keep your distance though tbh it’d be best for everyone