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Masked Ball

The grand ballroom was stunning on any normal occasion, but tonight, it gleamed. Reflected in the glimmering walls were the whispers and shouts of pleasant conversation, as well as the reflection of every dazzling guest who walked in. The walls whispered to the floors, which were covered in only the most elegant feet, performing only the best dances. Music swam throughout the room, blanketing the people within its reach with its gentle and glamourous waves. Exquisite food and drink adorned the tables, which were covered with cloth that shimmered in the laughter-light.

Keeping your head high, you descended the stairs into the ballroom. You moved with grace and elegance, using your presence to command attention and tell a story. The announcement of your name was a blur, as was the announcements of all other names before and after yours. The music had already covered you in its blanket while the walls and floors brought you into their happy whispers. A person appeared beside you, taking your hand respectfully.

“Black and gold, hm? A bold choice, wearing the colors of your father’s house.” Taemin’s soft voice floated in between the whispers, reaching your ears with little difficulty. You peered at him through the mask that was safely secured upon your face.

“I see you have dressed in a way to avoid stains.” You murmured in reply, suppressing the ghost of a smile at the corner of your lips. Taemin looked very much like he belonged here, in this room of masks and music blankets. He looked at home in this place of dolls and deception, and he thought the same of you. “The child in you must still be alive, if you’re so worried about spilling wine.” Taemin’s unmistakable eyes glimmered at you behind the mask he wore, the gold of his hair covering some of its ornate designs.

“You believe you’re quite clever, don’t you?” Taemin mused, allowing a smile to creep upon his face.

“It’s not just a belief, friend. It is a certainty.” Your face betrayed you, allowing a smile of your own to answer his.

“Well then, clever girl, why don’t you dance with me?” He asked, straightening his posture. You found yourself laughing.

“And for what reason?” You asked, covering your mirth filled expression with a hand.

“Mostly because I’d like to dance with a beautiful woman,” Taemin said, his eyes filling with a mischievous joy. “But also because I enjoy watching you trip over your own feet.” Your laughter would not cease, causing your body to shake with giggles.

“Well, if that is a challenge, than I must accept. Don’t go easy on me, however. I have been learning how to dance from a very good teacher.” You raised your chin up almost imperceptibly higher, causing the happy expression he had to grow.

“Then let us see how well you have learned.” Taemin held his hand out for you, and you took it elegantly and without hesitation. As Taemin whisked you into the floor of dancers, the beauty of the ballroom seemed to fade into the background. No matter how the walls gleamed, or how the floors whispered, the man in front of you would always be the most beautiful thing in your world.



Warehouse 13 - Resurrecting  Steve 

Claudia: Nothing happening, its not working. 

Jane: Patience Claudia. Patience.

Claudia: Please, Please come back. Please [Steve, take deep breath] Steve!

[Claudia struggles for breath]

Jane: Put your hand back on the Metronome. Claudia look at me now, look at me! You can’t help him if you die too!.Claudia Look at me

Jane: Claudia don’t look away, that’s it that’s right. Try not to panic. Breath, No ,no I will not let this happen. Claudia talk to me what do you see?.

Claudia: White everywhere and Steve

Jane: Don’t go to him, he has to come to you, Stay focused on me and bring him with you. You wanted to save so save him, dammit breath

[both Steve’s and Claudia’s breathing returns to normal]

Jane: That’s it, That’s it yes. 

[Steve open his eyes]

Steve: Hey …. What happened?