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Crazy Cupcakes

Characters: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Sarah (their daughter)

Word Count: 1,092

Warnings: this is fluffy and super adorable

Summary: Jensen is filming and you’re at home with your daughter, missing him like crazy. Only you don’t know that he has a surprise for you. 

Author’s Note: This is for Sommer’s (@wayward-marvel-sommer1196) Favorite Things Challenge. I was given the prompt Laughing. No hate for Danneel, this is fiction so she simply doesn’t exist. If you want to be a Bean or a Queen, pop me an ask!

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“Alright, babe, now that we got all of our ingredients, we’re able to start baking!” You said to your 10-year-old daughter, Sarah. She was having a party coming up and with the 20 students on her soccer team, it wasn’t going to be hard to bake 20 cupcakes. You were going to be doing most of the cooking anyways.

“I wish Daddy was here.” She said, taking the food out of the bags. You sighed and looked down at her, nodding in agreement.

“Yeah baby, me too. But he’ll be home soon. Just another month and he’ll be home for 3 months straight.” You missed Jensen, you wished he was here with you right now. Time have been hard lately with you losing your job and driving Sarah in between her soccer practice and driving her around to hang out with her friends.

Even though you could live off Jensen’s salary and be just fine, you wanted to be working, to busy yourself since Sarah wasn’t a baby anymore and wouldn’t be able to keep you busy like she did when she was younger.

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