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The Cat’s Out Of The Bag {Jay Park} ~Happy One Month!!~

Prompt:  Can I request a jealous Jay Park smut? Jay is your best friend and he’s jealous of your time with Christian yu and fucks you loud enough for Christian to hear PLZZZ

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warning: smut, 

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Three Bears || Part 1

Request from Anonymous: Hello. I love your Tumblr! May I request a mini-series where you and are taking care of your three children (2 girls, 1 son) in Superman Returns (a korean television series). Could you also add a part where Jay wants another boy to make it equal , may be a lil smut. Thank you. 

A/N: Yes, this is will be a mini series and yes, there will be smut (not in this part tho) but only suggestive. I know the Superman Returns series focuses on the father but I wrote this series the opposite way. 

Let me know what you think please!


“Are you sure you’re okay with doing this?” 

“Yeah, I’m definitely sure. It’ll be good for your work, I guess”.

“Hun, this isn’t about my work. Think about what you’re agreeing to do. Are you willing to have cameras set up around the house and being filmed for 48 hours straight?” 

Jay and yourself had just got out of a meeting together and it was to discuss an appearance on Superman Returns for 2 episodes. This was the third meeting and the managers told the both of you what to be expecting and the format of the show. You were genuinely excited but Jay was still a bit hesitant. 

“It’s fine, Jay. Try and be a fun dad and I want to do this. So let’s do it!”

“Remember the last time you told me that,” Jay reminded you with a smirk across his face. 

You knew instantly what he meant by that because the last time you suggested Jay to ‘live in the moment’, you ended up with baby number 3 - your son. 

“This will be great chance to show the world a snippet into our daily life and what are so you worried about? You won’t even be there during filming. They told us the dates and you’ll be with Dok2 anyway”.

Jay slowed down to park the car on the side of the road. He took off his hands of the steering wheel and turned to face you. 

“Think carefully about it, hun. The whole world will be watching and the kids..what about them? How do you think they will react to this? And isn’t it too early for them to be expose to the limelight?” 

You let out a sigh and held his hands. 

“Babe, the kids have been exposed to the limelight every since they were born. Do you not remember when our eldest was born? The paps had cameras on us for the first month and the fans they wouldn’t let us go without snapping a photo. But the situation changed ever since we had our second daughter and our little boy. The media, paps and fans respect over privacy now,” you reassured him.

“What if they do something and the world holds onto it?” Jay asked. 

“Like what?”

“Like-like umm saying something and the media takes it the wrong way? You know how they do that. Take something and putting it in the wrong context”. 

You looked at Jay and knew what he was talking about. He was relaying on some past experiences. 

“We still get a say in what goes into the final production hun, and why are so worry about that? Our kids are so well-behaved. They aren’t gonna say anything that will offend anyone” you said, “Well unless they hang around Duck or Sik-K”.

Jay snorted at your last sentence.

“Okay. If you think it’s alright with the kids then I trust you”. 

“I’ve already mentioned it to them and all of them are very excited. Our daughters have probably thought of their outfits already,” you told Jay. 

“Just like someone, I know,” Jay grinned at you. 

“I hope by someone you mean you. Now can we go and pick up our children. I miss them,” you said, seeing as they were staying at their grandparents house. 

“Sure,” Jay agreed as he started the car, “I hope our son doesn’t try to lure PJ and Oscar into his backpack again”. 

DAY 1 



You faintly hear your second daughter’s soft voice in your ear. 


She lightly tug you on your shoulders and you couldn’t pretend to squeeze in an extra few minutes sleep anymore. You open your eyes and your daughter’s tiny silhouette cover the morning sun rays. 

You rub your eyes and focus your vision on her round face and a smile came across her face when she saw that you were awake. 

“Morning princess,” you greet her with a warm smile. 

You sit up from the bed to give your second daughter a big kiss. Instead of attempting to greet you a good morning, your daughter wraps her tiny arms around you neck. 

“Is your sister and brother awake yet?” 

Your 5 year old daughter manage to break away from you and shrug her shoulders then proceeds to sit down on your lap so that you could cuddle her. As you watch your daughter play with your hands, the bedroom door swings open. Standing in the doorway was your 7 years old daughter. You look at her and smile at the bird nest on her head. 

“Good morning beautiful,” you greet her. 

As your eldest daughter make her way to the bed, you hear tiny footsteps running in the hallway. You eye the doorway to see when your 3 years old son would come into view. Within seconds, your son was in view and he immediately jump into the bed. Your 5 year old squirm and begins to air hit your son but he pushes her tiny hands away with his also tiny hands. Your 5 year old gets up from your lap and went to sit next to her sister. Taking an opportunity to sit in your lap, your son immediately jumps into you. 

You take a closer look at your son and realise his pyjama top’s buttons were done incorrectly. 

“This is your Baba’s doing”.

You unbutton the pajamas top and start to button it up properly this time. 

“Where is Baba?” your eldest daughter questions, as she play with her younger sister’s hair. 

“Baba is at work and he will be back tomorrow night”.

You button the last button on your son’s pyjamas and you feel a rumble in your stomach. 

“Let’s go brush our teeth and I’ll make us some breakfast, okay?”

“Eomma, what are we doing today?”

“Can we please go somewhere?”

Every morning your two girls would ask you these two questions because they cannot stand being at home all day whereas your son is the total opposite. He dislikes wearing anything but his bear onesie or his pyjamas. He may look like a mini Jay but his personality was nothing like Jay’s. He’s more like you. You always prefer to stay indoors and just chill. 

“Why don’t we have breakfast first and see what we can do today. Okay? Go brush your teeth and wait for me at the kitchen”. 

Your two girls jump off the bed and went to their shared bathroom. You pick up your little boy and head to the bathroom. You put him down on the toilet seat while you freshen up and once you were done, you brush his teeth and fix his hair for him.

“I can’t believe I let your Baba talk me into allow you to grow your hair. When he’s back, I’m taking you to the hairdresser and fix this”.

When you walk out of the bedroom with your boy by your side, you see your two little girls sitting at on the kitchen bench chairs quietly. Too quiet. You walk over to see what they are doing and see that the girls are watching a video on Youtube. It is one of those un-boxing toy videos and the one they are watching is an un-boxing of Shopkins. You lift your son up and place him on the chair next to eldest daughter. His eyes instantly glue to the iPad screen. 

You walk over to kitchen and start to prepare breakfast. Today you are going to make some chocolate and plain pancakes. Once you took out the bowls, milk, eggs, flour and cocoa powder, your eldest immediately sprung up from the iPad and hop off the chair.

“Will you be lending me hand today?”

“Yes but can I please have ice-cream with my pancakes?”

“Me too! I want ice-cream too!” you second daughter exclaims. 

“Only if you two promise me that you will not pull each other’s hair when you get change later,” you bribe your daughters seeing as they have the tendency to fight over what clothes or shoes they wear. 


“Eomma! I can’t find my blue jacket,” your eldest says as she walks into your bedroom. 

You look at her chosen outfit and today she’s wearing black jeans with Loco’s yellow official t-shirt for Bleached. 

“Yes I have. I remember putting it in your closest but check your sister’s. I may have put it in there by accident,” you tell her as you attempt to fix your son’s hair again. 

Your comment earns a gentle but still loud enough stomp from your daughter. She now has her crossed across her chest and also shoot a glare at you. Just as you were about to ask her why the sudden change of attitude, your second daughter stands at the doorway. She was wearing a red polka dress and she even put on some white stockings. You smile at how different the way your two daughters dressed.

“Eomma!” your eldest yells at you. 

“What’s wrong, boss?” 

Your eldest daughter points to her sister. 

“She stole my jacket!” 

“No I didn’t! It was in my closest so it’s mine,” you second daughter argues.

“Eomma!” your eldest whines loudly. 

You let out a huff and think back to the bribe this morning. It did not work at all.

"You two are always trying to make me mad on purpose and don’t you remember, both of you promised me that you’ll behave”.

“But Eomma that’s my jacket!” your eldest yells. “Give it back,” she demands, tugging the jacket sleeves.

Your second daughter push her away and the force of it made your eldest’s self hit the doorway. You continue to stay with your son because you know how dramatic you eldest can be. Just like Jay, you thought.

“Eomma..!” you eldest cries out, rubbing her shoulders.

“She started it! This is my jacket and I want to to wear it today,” your second daughter says while stomping her little feet.

“Okay,” you sigh as you got up from the bed. “Firstly, how’s your shoulders? I hope your sister didn’t bruise you,” you ask your eldest.

She wipe her fake tears and give you an okay nod.

“Secondly, you have a better jacket in your closet that will suit with your outfit so I suggest you go pick another one,” you tell your eldest, “Thirdly, and this is for you princess,” you turn your attention to your second daughter, “This is your sister’s jacket so you must ask her if you can borrow it”.

You second daughter shakes her head in disapproval.

“Okay then. We’re not going out today. Go change back into your pyjamas,” you say, as you sit back down of the floor. You son also joins you by carefully sitting down beside you.

“Eomma.. I saw this in my closest so it’s mine now,” you second daughter continues to whine.

“Fine you can have it! I don’t want it anymore,” your eldest says angrily as she push her sister and walks off.


After getting dress yourself, you look over to your son and see that he is playing with Jay’s old toys. Well in this case, it belongs to your son now and it is the Incredible Hulk figure. Your son is still in his pyjamas so you went to the drawers and pick his outfit. You pull out a white t-shirt, navy blue pants, Cha Cha’s official bomber jacket and a pair of socks that Dok2 had given him for his previous birthday. 

As you walk out into the living space you see your two girls sitting in front of the t.v watching some sort of cartoon. You can see the blue jacket that both of them were fighting about earlier on the floor. Looking at your second daughter, you see that she is wearing another jacket. 

“Why is this on the floor?” you ask the girls as you pick the jacket up from the floor. 

“I don’t like it anymore,” she says without taking her eyes off the t.v. 

“So whose closest should I put this back in?” you question your two almost-like zombie girls. 

There was silence from both of them so you hung the jacket onto the nearby chair. If they were to fight between the jacket again Jay can deal with it. 

“Okay, so Baba left us a list of suggested activities that we can do,” you say, sitting down on the opposite sofa. The girls’ eyes were glue to the t.v and they didn’t hear you. However, your little boy came running to you and squeeze himself between your legs. 

“At least you listen to me, right?” you whisper to him, picking him up and letting him sit on your lap. 

“Girls!” you say a little louder.

Frustrated you reach for the remote and put it on mute. 


“Is that the only word you know this morning,” you pout at your eldest, “Okay, now what do you want to do today? Baba wrote on here uhh park, zoo, visit the office, movies, ice-skating, shopping..” your trail off. Reading the list you realise Jay didn’t come up with these ideas himself. It felt like something Gray would say. 

“I want to go to visit Baba at his office,” your second daughter tells you. 

“Can we please go to Baba’s office?” your eldest daughter adds. 

“Baba is not at his office. He’s working with Uncle Dok2 today and tomorrow. Why don’t we go to his office and see who’s there, okay?” you decide for them. 

This suggestion earns an approval nod from the girls while your son was busy playing with the piece of paper. You get up and start to pack all the necessary things into a bag then got the boy’s pram out of the wardrobe. 

Once you were ready to go out the door, you receive a message from Jay:

How’s it going, hun? Miss me? ;) 

You shake your head at his message and begin to type your reply:

You don’t need to worry babe. I’ve got everything under control. We’re about to head to your office. 

You hit send and also snap a photo of your three little bears for Jay to see. 

“You three ready to go?” you ask, putting your phone in your handbag. 

“Yes Eomma,” you eldest reply as she puts on her backpack. 

You look down into the pram and see that your son was playing with his Hulk toy happily. 

“Eomma, I need to get something from my room first,” your second daughter says while rushing off. 

A few minutes she came back with a small book in her hand and she quickly stuffs it into her backpack. You raise an eyebrow at her but she simply smile at you. There is something behind that innocent smile - something mischievous. But you brush it away. 

“Okay, let’s go to Baba’s office to annoy your aunties and uncles”.

KPOP Comebacks be like

KARD: HOLA HOLA at yeo life BITCH!!!

EXO: wanted to make a song about there love to being high so they were like “GIVE ME GIVE ME THE WEED” but changed it to “SHIMMIE SHIMMIE KO KO POP” to cover up?? but the music video yeooo suppp??? and to cover up that fact they come here with The Eve getting more of us prego, ya agree??

Jay Park: guys he can’t get over Rihanna’s song WOrk so like he wasn’t trynna get copyrighted so he just added her name like “BABY WORK IT LIKE RIHANNA” actully NEVER mind he is just admidding he’s in love but can’t just say it bluntly ya know?? “this song i just wrote for my baby” WE GOTCHU JAYYY

YEO it’s been a while sooooo HOLA HOLA 


Uhh wtf is this??? 

Jay Park as your Boyfriend~

- Cuddling, lots of cuddling 

- He loves holding you

- He would literally treat you like a queen 

- Sugar Daddy Jay 

- Just Daddy in general 

- Fights would be very rare 

- But when you have them, he tends to say some dumb shit

- But apologizes quickly

- There’s no such thing as personal space at night 

- He would be really clingy when sick or sad 

- He may seem like a player, but you would be his absolute weak spot 

- He would take you to his concerts 

- I kinda see him as the possessive kind of person when drunk

- Buys you everything you want

- Plays with your hair, and lets you play with his


- Dances with you

- Showers with you

- He gets really jealous, even though he knows you’d never leave

- Always touching you in some way

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