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It would honestly be nice to read some AOMG Fan fiction that wasn't just I understand Jay Park makes music about sex but damn...can a girl get some fucking fluff....same for Simon...that man is adorable af...i'd like some fluffy ass shit bro...

-Spoken from my heart

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What the AOMG contract looks like.

this is probably how the contract for aomg looks like…

1. you must be talented in rapping and singing.
2. you must be a ten. we dont do 9.5 here.
3. your dick must be 6 inches or more. 
4. you must have fashion sense. 
5. you must be able to send women into a tailspin at a moments notice.
6. you must be hilarious and have sense of humor.
7. you will post on instagram at least twice a week. 
8. twitter is bae and ig is your side hoe.
9. you dont need no filter because your a ten so…
10. dick women down so well they start writing lyrics on twitter about you.

Jay Park, Simon D, & Dean Reaction: When you dance while laying in bed

Sorry this is coming to you so late, love! I hope you enjoy:)

Jay Park :

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The first time Jay caught you doing it, he wouldn’t know what was going on. he’d quickly figure it out, though, and he’d put on music whenever you were laying around, just to watch you adorable move your hips to it.

Simon D :

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I think this particular habit would really turn Simon on, just watching your hips move steadily to the beat of the music while lying in bed. He’s going to try to hold off for as long as possible, but he’ll end up grabbing roughly and getting a little freaky with you ;)

Dean :

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Dean would think you were just so adorable, and he would smile lovingly every time your little habit would kick in. Sometimes he’d even join you, bopping his head along to whatever song you had playing