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[trans] K-BOY Paradise vol.20 (161125) - part 5: behind-the-scenes

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iKON Photoshoot Backstage Spy Report
iKON made their first appearance on the cover of K-Boy this time. We met with them on their Japan tour. The interviews were in eight minute intervals. The interviews went at such a good pace that even Bobby was impressed and said, “Frikkin awesome!” We got a “frikkin awesome!” from Bobby!! In our hearts we unconsciously shouted “azassu!”* (laughs)~ We’ll give you just a little bit of BTS info from our interviews.

*”Azassu” is a shortened form of “arigatou gozaimasu,” which means “thank you.” (So “azassu” is more like “thanks.”) Bobby said earlier in the interview (the group one) that this is a Japanese word that he likes and uses often, so the magazine is referencing that.

[speech bubbles on photo (t/n: I am 99.9% sure neither of them actually said this.)]

B.I: Everyone do a peace sign!
Junhoe: I’ll just do a heart

During the interview B.I was just staring off in the distance. The staff was overwhelmed by his gaze. But when the staff told him he looked like a model and a prodigy, he looked extremely embarrassed. We were graced by the presence of the most powerful tsundere (t/n: someone who seems aloof/cold but is actually warm on the inside).

The two healing members [Donghyuk & Yunhyeong] showing a full display of their healing auras! But they got super pumped when they talked about teasing each other during the interview.

During the interview they had their arms around each other’s shoulders and were holding hands. Yunhyeong and Chanwoo were chummy from start to finish.

Yunhyeong said, “Me and Jinhwan and Chanwoo often go to cafes together.” The reason why: “The other members can’t be bothered and don’t like going out for coffee and stuff. Even though they’re young!!” he said, grinning.

Bobby and B.I, who said they’re almost never alone together. But during the break they were sitting on the sofa, chatting away happily.

Bobby, whose solo shoot ended early so he was waiting for his turn for his solo interview. He was cheerfully eating potato chips during the break♪ When he was called over for his solo interview, he brought his bag of chips to the interviewer with a smile. The interviewer told him he could do the interview while eating, and Bobby was all smiles. “Really? But I’ll eat them when we’re done!” he said as he switched to work mode.

Although he gives off the air of a hyung, mathyung Jinhwan is often teased. It’s proof that everyone loves him.

During the shoot Jinhwan was in a super great mood♪ We got a shot we know you’ll love so we’re sharing it with all iKONICs.

Junhoe, who answered the question “write your promise to fans” in Korean on the written survey. K-BOY is also carefree! Did he just miss the part that said to write in Japanese~? In any case he’s carefree!

B.I called Donghyuk over in a super loud voice during the break before their crosstalk. “Kim Donghyuuuk!!” That was the loudest voice we heard today (laughs).

Chanwoo, who said in his solo interview that he used to not spend much time with Jinhwan. But when they filmed KONY’S SUMMERTIME in Saipan, the two of them were always together and apparently got close quickly. But there is definitely a very jealous kid around, isn’t there…… (laughs).

During his solo interview when we asked when he thinks Jinhwan and Chanwoo seem close, Junhoe complained(?), jealously saying, “We’re all close; why are you suddenly asking about Jinhwan and Chanwoo?!” We didn’t mean to make you jealous…… sorry, sorry.

When we showed everyone the K-BOY issue with Winner on the cover before the shoot, everyone got super hype. They were fixated on it (laughs).

Donghyuk, who enthusiastically read the previous issue of K-BOY we gave him as a sample before the group interview. So quiet……or so we thought–when he talked about hoodies during his solo interview, he got way pumped! Did Donghyuk’s love of hoodies reach you?

Bobby and Junhoe, who have an awkward relationship(?). Even the Korean staff was telling them to get closer. But when Junhoe was doing his solo shoot, Bobby was monitoring him closely!

Jinhwan, Junhoe, Chanwoo, and their manager were playing basketball outside the studio before the interview. Everyone looked so friendly. Even though their concert had just finished, everyone was energetic!

How iKON spent their time before the interview
The first one to enter the studio thirty minutes before the interview started was Yunhyeong. We didn’t even have the time to fangirl over Yunhyeong’s greeting the staff with a smile before B.I coolly and charismatically made his appearance. After a while we started wondering if the other members wouldn’t come, so we went outside and found Jinhwan, Junhoe, Chanwoo, and their manager engrossed in a basketball game. At the table next to them Bobby and Donghyuk were chatting happily♪ “Are they doing their crosstalk early?!” we thought, but Bobby and Donghyuk didn’t do a crosstalk together. We apologize to all iKONICs who were looking forward to it. I wonder if the two of them have made plans to visit Hawaii……? (←Definitely not). And now on to a different topic, but we were actually worried about the pairings for the crosstalks until just before they started. Were the pairs you wanted to see there, iKONICs?

With the super popular song “DUMB & DUMBER” as the main focus, the Japanese version of “#WYD,” which reached first on various charts around the world when it was released in May of this year, is also included. The Japan exclusive songs “LOVE ME” and “SINOSIJAK REMIX” have also been added!

Trans by Shino @ iKON GLOBAL | take out with full credits.
© K-BOY Paradise

[trans] K-BOY Paradise vol.20 (161125) part 4: crosstalks (junhoe x jinhwan, 6/7)

[intro & survey | group interview 1 2 | solo interviews bobby b.i donghyuk yunhyeong chanwoo jinhwan junhoe | cross talks b.i x bobby donghyuk x b.i yunhyeong x donghyuk chanwoo x yunhyeong chanwoo x jinhwan junhoe x jinhwan junhoe x bobby | bts]

“Sometimes Junhoe cries in bed” (Jinhwan) “Reeeaaally not that often (laughs)” (Junhoe)


The closest friends in iKON

“I don’t wanna do the interview with Junhoe!”–a sudden breakup declaration?! The back-and-forth between tsun Jinhwan and dere Junhoe* is a must-see!

*Tsun refers to tsuntsun (aloof, cold) and dere refers to deredere (warm, lovey-dovey, lovestruck), and both are a reference to the tsundere love trope (cold on the outside, lovey-dovey on the inside). Basically, the magazine is saying that Jinhwan acts mean but he’s really in love and that Junhoe is just heart eyes emoji.

Bobby tells all!
When do you think Jinhwan and Junhoe look close?

They really look like they get along well. The music they wanna do is similar too. Jinhwan likes R&B and Junhoe likes blues, but I feel like they can find a good compromise in the middle. These two have the most deep talks!

Please tell us your first impressions of each other and what each other’s charms are.

Jinhwan: My first impression of Junhoe was not good.
Junhoe: Yeah that’s true.
Jinhwan: When I first met Junhoe, he pretended to be a good kid. He pretended to be a naïve kid who didn’t know anything. So I thought, “Since this kid doesn’t know anything, I have to do my best to support him.” But in actuality, he already knew everything about singing–he knew everything about pretty much everything.
Junhoe: Ahahahahaha (hysterical laughter). I didn’t really like you either. But I was young so I don’t really remember.
Jinhwan: Back then, there were three of us including me already there, but apparently you thought Bobby was the coolest. And you thought I was the ugliest.
Junhoe: That’s not true. I thought you seemed nice~ And B.I-hyung, like……I thought he was like a monkey.
Jinhwan: Fufufu.

And your charms?

Jinhwan: Junhoe’s charm–well first of all he’s attractive and has a manly image, but inside it’s like there’s a little kid. He’s really funny to talk to.
Junhoe: A lot of people depend on Jinhwan. Jinhwan is nice to girls, but in front of us he gets kind of mean……
Jinhwan: Wait a minute. Is that a charm?
Junhoe: Because we’re close……
Jinhwan: I don’t wanna do the interview with this kid. I don’t think it will be good for me.
Junhoe: Okay, okay, please calm down (laughs).

If the two of you were to form a unit, what would your concept and name be?

Jinhwan: I won’t do it.
Junhoe: (smoothly) If we were to have unit activities, since our voices are so different, I think we would be able to show a lot of different things.
Jinhwan: (nodding) There are a lot of different colors we haven’t be able to show you as iKON yet. I think we can show them through a duet. And, yes, even though our voices are different, we have the same sense, so I think that would also be appealing.

Please tell us a secret you know about each other.

Jinhwan: How far can we go? Are we allowed to talk about anything?
Junhoe: What exactly do you want to say? (laughs)

We leave it to you (laughs).

Jinhwan: In that case…… Sometimes, Junhoe cries in bed.
Junhoe: I do not.
Jinhwan: You did too.
Junhoe: Ah…… I raaarely do.
Jinhwan: You always do.
Junhoe: I’m quite sensitive, so I cry just from listening to good songs. Like sad songs and stuff. Now then, Jinhwan’s secret is…… (after a dramatic pause) he says a lot of mean things about people!
Jinhwan: This is an NG! This’ll be bad if it ends up in the magazine!
Junhoe: Ahahahaha (laughs). Okay I’ll say something else (laughs). Jinhwan has no secrets. What you see is what you get.

The two of you are said to be particularly close within iKON. When did you become close? During MIX & MATCH when you were in Japan, you two went to the aquarium and an amusement park, but do you usually hang out together?

Jinhwan: When we go abroad, we almost always share a hotel room. Since Junhoe and I are both the type to stay up late. Also, Junhoe likes to listen to music while he sleeps, and there are members who don’t like that. But I also like listening to music while I sleep…… And the two of us go on walks or go to cafes and stuff.
Junhoe: Yes. But the amusement park, we only went there because of filming.
Jinhwan: If it weren’t for filming, wouldn’t it be weird for the two of us to go to an amusement park? (laughs)

Trans by Shino @ iKON GLOBAL | take out with full credits.
© K-BOY Paradise

Jay Headcanons

💪 Has a beanie collection

💪 Also a beanie baby collection

💪 “Not the haIR”

💪 Probably gets a Tourney scholarship to college

💪 Will flirt with anything that moves

💪 His guilty pleasure is listening to Acapella music

💪 Takes an internship at a bank during college

💪 Gets psuedo-adopted by Aladdin’s family

💪 Goes there for every holiday and brings all his partners there to meet them

💪 Anyone who questions it has to face Jasmine

💪 The first place he lives in by himself is an apartment

💪 Years later he buys and renovates his own house

💪 Works for a construction company for several years

💪 Loves to grow plants

💪 Meets Evie for brunch every Thursday

💪 One day Carlos gets him a tiny kitten and from then on it goes everywhere with him

💪 Actually really likes wearing suits and dressing up

💪 Sometimes forgets that he grew up on the Isle and always feels absolutely horrible about it

💪 “How could I forget where I come from?!”

💪 Attends therapy for anger issues

💪 Suffers from kleptomania for the rest of his life (“Old habits die hard.”)

💪 Never regrets choosing good

💪 Learns to wrestle

💪 Thrives


So I watched Aladdin for a project I’m working on and at the end Jafar becomes a genie, wouldn’t Jay be a Genie? 

Here’s how I’ve come to this conclusion; Genie in that universe has a daughter and she is also a genie. So again wouldn’t that have something to do with Jay being a Genie? 

Also apparently they deleted Aladdin’s kid; which would have been like good friends with Jay which is totally understandable and I see it. I actually see them being best friends. 

[trans] K-BOY Paradise vol.20 (161125) - part 4: crosstalks (chanwoo x jinhwan, 5/7)

[intro & survey | group interview 1 2 | solo interviews bobby b.i donghyuk yunhyeong chanwoo jinhwan junhoe | cross talks b.i x bobby donghyuk x b.i yunhyeong x donghyuk chanwoo x yunhyeong chanwoo x jinhwan junhoe x jinhwan junhoe x bobby | bts]

“Chanwoo is more grown up than everyone thinks” (Jinhwan) “But people think I’m innocent…” (Chanwoo)


The mathyung & magnae combination is the most powerful!

The two of them were never on the same team during MIX & MATCH. They tell us what caused them to get so close so fast!!

Junhoe tells all!
When do you think Jinhwan and Chanwoo look close?

But all of us are close… It seems like Chanwoo loves Jinhwan. (as if forcing it out…) Speaking of which, the two of them were playing games together recently~!

What were your first impressions of each other?

Chanwoo: Your first impression of me wasn’t that great, right?
Jinhwan: Why? Did you have a bad one of me? I thought Chanwoo was attractive though. That’s why after that I said that you should be our team’s visual, right?
Chanwoo: Did you?
Jinhwan: Yeah. But, yeah–when we first met it wasn’t really at a time when I could welcome you that much. Since we had to do survival battles after that.
Chanwoo: I…… Actually, I couldn’t get that close to Jinhwan-hyung until after the show ended. During the show I was never on the same team as Jinhwan-hyung either so we didn’t have a lot of chances to talk…… So he was the hyung who was difficult to get close to.

And now?

Jinhwan: Now I’m the hyung you treat most lightly, right?
Chanwoo: No, that isn’t true~
Jinhwan: We’ve really gotten a lot closer.

If the two of you were going to work together as a unit, what kind of concept and name would you have?

Chanwoo: Me and Yunhyeong-hyung decided on a twin concept!
Jinhwan: Hou. In that case, let’s do a tall/short concept. I think that way we can show off our charms. Also, Chanwoo and I are both cute (serious face). I think a fresh, sweet song would be good.
Chanwoo: Right……(laughs) Personally, like, singing is fine, but I want us to go on a variety show. I think it’d be funny if the two of us went on a trip or something.

Where would you go?

Chanwoo: Camping seems like it’d be good. We’ve already been to the beach……
Jinhwan: Let’s go to Europe. Backpacking. Seems fun, right?
Chanwoo: I-I guess……

Please tell us a secret you know about each other.

Chanwoo: Jinhwan-hyung has very weak skin, so whenever he gets injured, his scars don’t really go away.
Jinhwan: I scar easily.
Chanwoo: It’s a secret.
Jinhwan: But you said it (laughs).
Chanwoo: I don’t have any secrets.
Jinhwan: Chanwoo is not as innocent as all of you think.
Chanwoo: I confess.

But you said you were innocent earlier……

Chanwoo: No like, a lot of people see me as pure and innocent.
Jinhwan: But he knows a lot of things. He’s got innocent characteristics, of course, but Chanwoo is more grown up than everyone thinks.

Based on age Chanwoo is the magnae and Jinhwan is the mathyung, but looking at the way the two of you interact, it seems like you have a friendship that transcends age. Even though your ages are different, what do you think is the reason you get along?

Jinhwan: The reason is……
Chanwoo: (interrupts) It’s thanks to Jinhwan hyung.
Jinhwan: That’s right. It’s thanks to Jinhwan (serious face).
Chanwoo: I’m usually more careful around the younger hyungs like Bobby-hyung than I am around Jinhwan-hyung. Of course I’m careful around Jinhwan-hyung too, but I think he makes the atmosphere around him more relaxed.
Jinhwan: Also, Chanwoo is cute and he accepts me, so that helps.
Chanwoo: Oh~ (the two of them shake hands firmly) In that case, should we be friends* from now on?
Jinhwan: Um no.
Chanwoo: Eh~ (laughs)

*When Chanwoo says “friends,” he means the chingu relationship that people have if they are the same age in Korea. What Chanwoo is asking is if he and Jinhwan can be chingu and interact as if they were the same age rather than continue with the hyung/dongsaeng dynamic that they have. Please do not misunderstand; they are friends as the word would be interpreted in English.

Trans by Shino @ iKON GLOBAL | take out with full credits.
© K-BOY Paradise

Sure, Jay has taser titties, blades that shoot out from his forearms like wings, excellent marksman skills with an arsenal of weapons, training from batman himself, and the whole “I-died-but-now-I’m-back-to-fuck-some-shit-up-because-I-didn’t-even-want-to-be-back-here” factor, but I still imagine him strutting down Gotham’s streets to “Holla Back Girl.“