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Look how smiley! He is the happiest kid in Kiddy Land ^_^

Road to 4years with BtoB (Rt4yrs) Day 33, 150423 (late post) - BtoB THE BEAT Japan story pt2


(in case the video doesn’t show up, here >> UNITEDCUBETV)

let’s try summing up the video..

it started off with Eunkwang greeting the camera, and what’s a BtoB video without the maknae advising the leader?..

1. Sungjae switched over with Changsub and these two were at it again. “sungjae-yah…..” and Sungjae actually reversed and tried ….kissing Changsub..

/cue APink’s <Mr. Chu>/

2. more singing.. and weirder ways to warm up their vocals and Ilhoon sang again.


3. BtoB’s new vocal line

remember  the acapella song they sung in MTV diary? Ilhoon replaced Changsub haha Rapline can sing well too <3

4. BTS of how Eunkwang’s selca’s are taken.

(start at the 4:48 mark and see Eunkwang being weird)

5. they played so many games lol


6. how does coordi noona handle Eunkwang? i almost got a heartattack from this..

i have yet to learn the sacred art of making GIFs therefore screencaps are all i can do.

7. Girl group dancer Minhyuk strikes again. CLC’s < PEPE >. their junior’s debut song. haha

(here <<< start from the 0:16 mark)

8. a lot of other random moments and them meeting fans.

9. a short sketch. hm..


that’s what’s said in the video.

stuff only BtoB does in the middle of the night in the streets when they’re in the midst of their Japan promotions.

(T/N credits to btobmel)

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(written on 150424)