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I Get Lonely  (ft. Blackstreet)
  • I Get Lonely (ft. Blackstreet)
  • Janet Jackson
  • The Velvet Rope


“I Get Lonely” became Janet’s eighteenth consecutive top ten hit on the Hot 100, setting a record for her as the only female artist to achieve that feat, surpassed only by Elvis Presley and The Beatles.
the song debuted and peaked at number three on theBillboard Hot 100, also reaching the number-one spot on the Hot Dance Singles Sales and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

I Get Lonely peaked at 43 on the Billboard Hot 100, end of 1998 chart.


Making the best out of bad CGI

I’m not going to say that music videos aren’t as opulent and fantastic as they used to be, or that the ‘90s were better. But just to recap this video, which is maybe one of the best ever made: Busta Rhymes, then still sinewy and staccato and sporting deranged pigtails on occasion, starts off as a glass of water at 0:13. At 0:48 he’s a waterlogged cyborg knight, then around 1:45, a monstrous water-worm. Janet, fresh off the Velvet Rope tour, is in 2-inch-long goth-black nails and a purple leather dominatrix gown. She raises her upturned face and little CGI Busta-drops sprinkle down on her. It’s completely, fantastically, insane. And it all looks very little like the water it’s supposed to be.