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What's It Gonna Be
Busta Rhymes ft Janet Jackson
What's It Gonna Be


2nd single from E.L.E. The music video became one of the most expensive of all times costing 2 million dollars.

WHAT’S IT GONNA BE peaked at #3 on the HOT 100 and topped the BILLBOARD R&B and HIP HOP chart. It also entered the top 10 in most of Europe


“We’ve all driven by premieres or nightclubs, and seen the rope separating those who can enter and those who can’t. Well, there’s also a velvet rope we have inside us, keeping others from knowing our feelings. In The Velvet Rope, I’m trying to expose and explore those feelings. I’m inviting you inside my velvet rope. I have a need to feel special, and so do you. We share a burning need to belong. During my life, I’ve been on both sides of the rope. At times, especially during my childhood, I felt left out and alone. At times I felt misunderstood. Times when I ran into the backyard to confide in our dogs. Through them, I felt like I was talking to God. But no human heard those feelings expressed. They stay buried in my past. But the truth has to come out, and, for me, the truth the takes the form of a song.”

This year marks the 17th anniversary of Janet Jackson’s “The Velvet Rope” album - October 7th, 1997.