gif: james bond

New lock pick set from Law Industries.

This pick set comes packed inside of a working Sharpie marker. The weight of the marker and pick set is .6 oz, the weight of a real marker is .3 oz, so the difference is negligible. The biggest difference is that the set makes the marker butt heavy. Most people would never notice.

The wrench is a custom model, made by law66, specifically for me.

This pick set makes me feel a bit like James Bond. Not only is it cool, it is functional. With a few minutes practice, I was able to defeat a deadbolt. The time it takes is on me, since I’m pretty new to this skill set.


“And make sure that’s shaken, not stirred.” 

Sam adjusted his jacket as he turned away from the bar to where you and Dean were standing by the wall. You were trying to cover your laughter, but it was obvious. Your snickering only got louder when Sam flashed you what Dean had dubbed his ‘classic bitch face’ and started over to you with his martini in hand.

“How much longer do I have to do this?” He grumbled, looking around at the other patrons in the bar.

“Let’s see.” You started, pulling Dean’s wrist down to look at the time, “You’ve still got another forty minutes. Keep it up 007.”