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Jared knew how hard the day had been on Jensen. Jensen talked about going to find Jared earlier during autos when he got emotional and Jared giving him a pep talk and hugging him. This panel was kind of a continuation of that. So even though it had only been going on for about half an hour, Jared decided to rescue Jensen by having the whole cast come out and give him a group hug. 💙


random-fireworks  asked:

Hi! About the song Jensen played at the end of the second J2 panel that made Jared so emotional, some people say on the youtube comments that it could be the intro to Sweet Home Alabama. I'm not sure, I don't recognize it but it's maybe a version I don't know. What do you think?

Anon:  Hi. I think Jensen was playing intro to sweet home Alabama to Jared…

In response to this ask. Sorry, for taking more time then necessary to answer. Ok, so I think you are right. Just listen to Jensen and an original acoustic version.  Sure seems pretty similar to me.

I wonder if Jared saw Jensen “Sweet Home Alabama” performance from Jib6 in 2015. In my headcanon he did see it, and I don’t know if it was important to them earlier or it became after that, but Jared’s face when he realizes what Jensen’s playing it, is well, take a look yourself:

[Can I just take a second to appreciate the way Jared looks right here. *ARMS* *SINGLE LAYER* *HAIR IN HIS FACE* *TOO MUCH SEXY CUTENESS*]

Cute little smile, biting his lower lip, dimples on display (am I seeing things or did his dimples actually deepened there at one point), his whole demeanor right then was so shy. *sigh* 

 And then look at Jensen:

Look at this fucker. He’s so pleased with himself (he should be, tbh), and that little satisfied smile right at the end. Yeah, make no mistake, that song must be important to them. 

THANK YOU ANON AND @random-fireworks for your answers so much!

I liked this song just fine, and then JIB6 happened and it gave me a new meaning and I’m sure you have some songs with the great meaning to you, so you know how it is. I’ll listen to it now even more fondly then after JIB6. 

You know, I think Jensen likes Lynyrd Skynyrd (”well, DUH”, said the voices in my head), he sang “Sweet Home Alabama” to Jared when Jared wasn’t there, and he played it now, and he sang “Simple Man” to Jared at the concert at Orion yesterday (c’mon, his eyes were on Jared every couple seconds, of course he sang it to him). 

Tbh, Jensen serenading Jared is one of my favorites. 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

Anti’s, Take Several Seats, & Never Stand Again!

You criticized, and tried so hard to destroy YANA. The very campaign that means so much to Jensen. A campaign that brought him to tears. Twice! One he’s so grateful for, one he’s proud to have co created with Misha, and been apart of. And y’all did your damnedest to be ugly, spiteful, problematic, viscous, jealous, petty and bitter as hell. You claim with y’all self serving asses that you care about Jensen, that’s a bunch of bs. You don’t see him as a person, you see him as a thing to own and do with what you will. You attack his family, you attack those he loves, and try to destroy what he worked so hard to create, a thing that saves lives that brought him to his knees, he’s so proud. And you tried to kill it. With all honesty……FUCK YOU!  For real! Y’all are disgusting trash, and toxic to humanity! That’s all haters are! Bullies! Cowardly attention whores who can’t deal with these three people who love each other, and also love Misha. A bunch of bitter bitches who needs get off the fuckin internet! Begone with you.

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