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Hot Cocoa Cuddling

Title: Hot Cocoa Cuddling

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word Count: 630

Warnings: None

Reqeust: SO I READ TWENTY-FOUR HOURS & IT WAS RLLY RLLY CUTE SO I HAVE TO ASK TO REQUEST SOMETHING ELSE BC ILYSM. Sam one shot where its super cold and they just snuggle and drink hot chocolate and a lot of fluff and cute pleasee? Ilyssssssm ♡♡ ~Miely~

A/N: I got hot chocolate for inspiration when I was writing this so I recommend you get up and go make/buy some right now. Mostly because hot cocoa is really good. Also I don’t own It’s a Wonderful Life.


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Snow was falling heavily outside, and you and Sam hurried quickly inside the Bunker. Once inside, the two of you took off your hats and Sam lovingly unwound your scarf from around your neck, giving you a quick peck on the lips once your mouth was revealed. You laughed and did the same for him, standing up on your tip-toes to reach his face. After all of your winter clothing was shed and the snow was melting onto the Bunker floor, you turned to Sam and asked,

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