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OtaPliRoy Gifs/Headcanons

Headcanons about the pairing OtaPliRoy from Yuri!!! on ice. I will keep these more on the innocent & pure side, but feel free to imagine that Yurio is 18+ if that makes you more comfortable.

If there is a pairing that you would like to see, you’re welcome to request it. Thank you and I hope these are alright!

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Ok, regarding Crunchyroll’s 2016 anime awards.

I myself am a Yuri on ice fanatic and am very happy to see that it as won many awards.

But one thing

I agree Yuri on ice has beautiful animation. But. I’m not sure why it won over March comes in like a lion.

Many American anime viewers may not know, but March comes in like a lion has animated by NHK, which is the national TV station of Japan, sponsored by the country. NHK ha always had beautiful quality and did not fail to meet our expectations with March comes in like a lion.

I agree Yuri on ice and it skating scenes has very beautiful and detailed animation. But does it beat the animation quality of a country sponsored TV company? Not sure.

All the YOI fans probably have seen the funky photo of Minami’s arm somewhere on Tumblr. MAPPA had its mistakes. It wasn’t the best quality of this season.

As I said, I am also a Yuri on Ice fanatic. I understand many of you may not agree. But understand that other fabulous shows exist that in some aspects, are better and Yuri on ice.