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It’s been 9 years since Huntik season 2 and I’m still asking HOW IN THE WORLD DIDN’T THEY FREEZE IN THE FINALE. Like, this is supposed to happen “on the longest night of the year”. Longest night is in December and finale happens in Siberia. Siberia.December.Summer clothes. They would absolutely freeze to death. 

also the heck is it sun-scorched like a desert? and there are buffallo skulls? Like was it supposed to be Death Valley before? Because that would make sense. It’s a desert so it’s cracked from sun and try and even in middle of winter it wouldn’t be that could there(about 18 degrees of celcius in December, as avarage temperature, which can vary I guess and be higher so yeah with around 20 degrees I can see them all in the clothes they are wearing). Like this isn’t THAT distracting but still it’s just…how?

charlottsophiee01  asked:

Hi! I stumbled upon your page and I absolutely adore it. It's so nice to see how people appreciate Huntik, because I think it's a very underrated show. So I just wanted to know; who is your favorite Titan and what is your favorite episode? Mine is definitely Sabriel because of how loyal she is to Sophie. My favorite episode would be The Vampire Loses its Fangs, because Zhalia finally reveal who she is and Dante finally (sort of) confesses his feelings for her.

Hi! I am glad that you enjoy my blog. You are right - Huntik is such an underrated show. Even when all of the fans stick together, there are only a dozen of us! It is a shame, because Huntik - or at least the first season of Huntik - is one of the best cartoons Rainbow has to offer.
As for the Titans, I have a soft spot for every single one, which appeared in the first season, though if I had to pick one, my ultimate favourite would be Sabriel. She has such a beautiful design, she is graceful and skilled, and her relationship with Sophie is more than I could have asked for. There are some others I simply adore, like Solwing or Springer, but plot wise none of them are able to outmach Sabriel, so I will go with her. That is, unless we count in the Powerbonding stuff from the second season, because then I am going to choose Springer out of sheer pettiness. Or basically any lovely Titan, which was not punished with golden armor.
I do not think that I have a favourite episode, even though I definetely do not like all the episodes equally, so — let’s say that my favourite episode is the entirety of the first season of Huntik.

Thanks for the questions and sorry for a long wait, @charlottsophiee01

The Long, Long Absence

Hi! Sorry for being absent, dear Seekers. Last October I started studying at the University, I had to get used to so many different things, commuting to and part time existing in a “big city” amongst others, and all in all it ate quite a lot of time, not to mention nerves. I know I should have written to you sooner, especially as it is still summer holidays for some of us, but I was a bit afraid to do so. I did not have the guts to disappoint you the way I am disappointing you right now.

The truth is - not only I did not have a lot of time then, but I also lost the “spark” and the energy to run this blog and create - uh, let’s pretend that that it is true - quality content. I know that you deserve the best and I want Huntik fandom to thrive just like any other more popular fandom, but for the time being I just do not have the heart for Huntik. I did not stop liking the show or its characters, it still holds a very special place in my imaginary hall of favourite cartoons, and every single Expo I wish that Rainbow renewed it for the third season, even if it were to be a complete disaster. It is just that I shudder at the thought of meddling with screenshots or - you know - being somewhat active in the fandom. Especially as I have never felt very good or original at whatever I was doing, just desperate to do anything to keep the community “going”.

Truth to be told, I am not used to be active or “kind of important” in any fandom, and I have never done this much to any book, movie or TV series I have ever liked, aside from my childhood’s obsession, “Winx Club”, back when I was a child and a young teen. I am an introvert, who rarely shares her thoughts with a large audience, and keeps reblogging, not creating gifs, unless it is absolutely necessary, and even then - only to some degree.

Now the limit is broken and - however ridiculous it sounds, given that I was not very active, even when I was very active - I still need a break, this time officially. The pressure of having a Huntik blog kind of ruined the part of creating content for the fun of doing it, and I would hate to make running Sarkazmwherbacie just another of my duties.

I am not promising that I will be back anytime soon, but I can say for sure that I will try to make up for this long absence with some general catching up. I will reply to your messages, follow new Huntik blogs, like or reblog fellow fans’ content, so — so stay tuned!

Sorry for disappointing you all, but for now Sarkazmwherbacie is only kinda coming back.

Still Huntik’s,