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Toothless & Stitch <3

I really really really want to watch this new HTTYD 2 trailer but I heard that it contains some big spoilers :’( 

Edit: Some people linked me a spoiler free version of the trailer (thank you very much! C: ) and ahhhhhhh it’s SO awesome! Can’t wait for the movie :D

P.S. My blog is 95% pokemon fanart but 5% is other stuff so if you follow me only for pokemon then you can blacklist ‘not pokemon art’ tag or whatever. Just saying :P


Am I kicked out of the fandom yet?

anonymous asked:

So, can you tell us what made you change your mind about Hiccup and dragons, back then when he "kidnapped" you? At first you really hated him... and dragons too! Really just a fly fixed everything? Sorry, just curious.

Then I’ve never hated dragons. That was our community war, I was just ready to do my part too.
I’m a warrior, so I fight… right?


How To Train Your Dragon 2: Toothless and Hiccup


Skrill, version 2! I made a lot of updates to his pattern after A View To A Skrill aired, and I finally had good clear references to work off of.

This guy measures 12” from nose to tail tip, 5.5” tall (foot to highest spike), and he has a 19” wingspan.

His entire body is posable, thanks to a plastic ball-joint armature. His wings and legs are wired.

This guy is not for sale, but I do have commissions open. Send me an email at if you’d like a quote!