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So alongside my AU story “Time Not Lost”, and my more “for funzies” merman AU with double helix, @funkyracoon and I have been gushing over this adorable little Greek mythology AU with Hannibal and Adam Towers. (Yay more Hannitowers fun times)

Hanni is basically Thanatos and he discovers the beautiful flower nymph, Adam, through his singing. The death god is immediately smitten while the nymph playfully teases a while, but ultimately they hit it off. It really has become the biggest fluff fest my flower boy has been a part of so far and i love it!

Ideal first pet for any skells of your choice? -anon

((I love this anon but Imma take out the ‘ideal’ part, hope thats ok

Believe it or not, they get a fragile, lop bunny. Sans picked it up from an animal shelter on a whim and now it’s Papyrus’s favorite thing. Since arriving at the surface he is much more aware of his strength and is very gentle with the furry creature that has grown to adore him. They take surprisingly excellent care of the bunny, pets were a massive privilege that no one had in the underground. Whenever they go to the vet(which is twice a year or more) they always get praise. Also, the Bunny’s name is 'Cereal’.

Papyrus finds a very vicious very aggressive injured guard dog while on the job and brings it home. Both brothers immediately recognize that the dog was abused and tread lightly. However despite its rough exterior once in a stable and friendly environment, the dog showed quite the affectionate and relaxed disposition. They name her 'Lucy’ and regularly shower her with treats, in return she is very loving and an excellent guard dog.

Gaster sans/papyrus-
They ended up stumbling onto a sickly cow for sale, it’s owner apparently couldn’t get her to gain enough meat to butcher and she wasn’t producing any milk. Papyrus took her in out of the good of his heart and now he spends lots of time outside with her reading his books. She is much fuller now and often complimented on her beauty. This would never have been GasterSans’ first pick but her sweet and easy going nature makes her very easy to talk to and he likes to boop her nose. They love their cow very much.