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I love JUMP ballads more than I love Arioka Daiki ( lol no )

Ok, but this set is my fav though if you can recommend me some more, please dm or comment below.

This was suppose to be posted earlier , but I’m kinda frustrated cause Daiki forgot to greet me yesterday for my birthday ( cries forever )



Q: You also played basket ball, didn’t you?
Takaki: Yeah, starting from my first year of elementary school. I always wanted to become the first Japanese Player on NBA.  

Q: Do you also have other things you wanted to become? 
Takaki: I wanted to become a nursery teacher. I love kids, that’s why. I would play for 3 or 4 hours with them. Because I really wanted to become a nursery teacher, I tried it once in private.

Myojo 2014 - Takaki Yuya 1000 Words Long Interview 
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