gif: homin

Actually this should be translated into

“Personally I think Changminnie is PRETTY!”

He didn’t use superlative, this is very important!
To me as a Korean native it’s more like :

“Personally (I don’t give an F about what you guys think) I think Changminnie is pretty (I’m not saying anyone else is pretty too)”


u-know-yunhos  asked:

i remember you said quite some time ago that you started liking homin before the split... why??:D

ajhdf jess hi! yes, i did! i was one of the very very very few ones that shipped homin (& jaemin) lmao

honestly speaking, no one paid homin attention (as a pairing) in the early days. i don’t mean in the shipping/romantic sense, but just, in general yknow? they had a rocky start - changmin, like a grandmother, has repeated his story of his first meeting with yunho 1000 times.

but let’s just think of them when they were all cute and young. yeah, they were both the oldest siblings. they knew how to take care of themselves. but yunho was always losing his closest friends, and changmin, with his shyness and all, was just a lost and confused kid trying to do his best in an industry. which was what made them a lovely pair, despite their little screen time due to their… boringness?? (for a lack of a better word).

despite yunho’s harshness, he was practically changmin’s role model. changmin, a kid, had no one to really look up to except his 4 hyungs, right? and out of that it was obvious he idolised yunho the most. i mean, cmon, he respected him so much (and therefore, was just as scared of him) that he didn’t tell yunho he ruined his stupid phone game until years later, on a tv show.

changmin, though he’s an equal now, was always a follower of yunho in the past - when he hadn’t grown into his own skin. and that’s where yunho became so significant in changmin’s life since the start. but honestly?? changmin was just as important to yunho. changmin allowed yunho to be assured that he was there to stay (not during the split, but when he first joined the company). despite his strict treatment towards changmin, changmin quietly worked hard to prove himself to yunho. i think, in a sense, he assured yunho that he was there for him yknow? that though many people left, he wasn’t going to.

in the past, i think, yunho was the first one to treat him as an equal. while jaejoong, junsu and yoochun all treated changmin like a maknae, yunho understood that changmin was the responsible one at home. he was the one to take changmin’s ideas and thoughts seriously, which in turn also made changmin more comfortable. i think changmin helped yunho a lot in the responsibility area when he was leading all 5, especially when he reached his twenties.

homin had a lot of quiet moments in the past. softly talking in the background, or laughing over small matters. if you watch their couple talk, they have a very sensible talk laughing over small matters. i think they were the calm pairing yknow? the kind of pairing where one party wants to listen to all the boring ass details of the other’s life because they love them (once again, not necessarily in a romantic sense).