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“This is Lisa Marie and myself at a hospital in Budapest, and I saw this little kid, his name was Farkas. He was very sick, he was green in the face, but he had this, this glow and this sparkle in his eye. I asked this nurse, ‘What’s wrong with this kid?’. She said that he needs a liver, so I said, 'Does that mean he’s gonna die?’. She said 'Yes, he’s gonna die, unless he gets a liver.’ I said 'I’m not gonna let him die, this sweet sweet angel. No matter what it takes, I’m gonna find a liver for him.’

So I sent my organization around the world, we went all over the place. It took a long time and I said 'I’m not giving up, I’m not gonna have this child die.’ I was so happy when I got a phone call, they told me that we found a liver. And, he has his life, and I’m so proud that I could help him.”


For some reason when I was watching the Behind the Scenes of the making of “Stranger in Moscow”, this sad feeling took over me. When you watch it, you see that Michael isn’t interacting with these people as the “short film” as he says, makes it seem. He’s in front of a screen, walking in no form of destination. But as I continued watching, these physical emotions, his body language… That’s not scripted. You can see his hurt, through his eyes, the way he’s holding himself. The song only entitles his loneliness, but him, he embodies the portrait of his lonesome, in video form.