gif: here i am alive

Here I Am Alive | 1980 | Blackinnon

It’s been several days since she was back and while she was healing properly, Marlene was far from being okay. She could barely stand having people around and now it seemed that everyone had moved in back to the Manor. Charlie was here with Mary, Mark was back, so was Ben, her uncle and Nick was basically all day. Her mother was in and out of her bedroom, always checking on her, bringing her food, water and potions. She barely ate, for some irrational reason, she still thought that the food could have veritaserum.

She had managed to get up not long ago, Marlene had spent too much time in her room, but she also didn’t want to leave, she was afraid that all this would be a nightmare and once she stepped out, she would be back on the basement. Marlene carefully stood up, groaning in pain, making her dog Lancelot look up at her curiously. She remained still for a moment before taking a small step towards the table where all the potions were.

Every step that she took was incredibly painful, but Marlene was both stubborn and stupid. Carefully, she removed her shirt, remaining in her bra and flannel pants. Her scar was burning like a bitch and she knew she had to change her bandages and maybe apply some potion to it. Marlene clumsily held onto the table panting heavily, they were no more than five steps, but she felt like she had run a bloody marathon. Marlene barely looked at her reflexion before removing the bandage from her TRAITOR scar, her whole body was covered with big and rather nasty purple marks that contrasted with her pale skin. She carefully avoided looking at her scar and reached for a bottle, hissing in pain as her arm streched out. “Fuck” she panted.

Marlene was too lost in her pain but also determined to get the job done that she failed to hear someone walking into her room.