gif: he

he says he wants to be happy with me. he yells at me tells me this aint no relationship. he says he got cold hands and mine are warm. he ignores me when his friends are around. he puts me in bath and dries me off. he fucks me on the counter afterwards. he ignores me for days. he tells me to watch out with those pills. he says im lying and up to no good. he makes me watch hobo with a shotgun. he comes home drunk and tells me he misses me. he loves me less. he tells me he wants to wake up next to me. he humiliates me. he fingers me in the parking lot. he fucks me real good. he drinks 7 bottles of wine and yells at me. he gets a nose bleed and spends the night on the floor. he eats me out while im on the phone. he cries when he is standing at the wrong hospital. he says he loves me but i dont know what love is.