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Around 1:25 follow Alex’s eye line…. He looks down at the dog, up at the Scott/Danny’s butt, and then back down at the dog. I’m not joking, see for yourself

(This is Part 1 of the Alex O’Loughlin Caught Series, in reference to him staring at Scott Caan’s beautiful man-butt. Trust me, I’ve been through a ton of behind-the-scenes clips and found plenty more of these.)

Tune in for part 2


Right okay so I’m watching Hawaii Five-O (the new one) and I distinctly remember and episode where at the end Chin Ho Kelly is finally able to go home. And everything is really super sad for him and so he opens the oven and he sees the food his wife was cooking for dinner that night in the oven. And he kinda just breaks down in tears. Can anyone help me find what episode this is?