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I AM SO SO SO GLAD THIS IS DONE. Actually, at the time of writing this, I’m not done. But whatevs I know how I’ll FEEL

(UPDATE: its done and the last statement is still true)

Anyways, just a few things–

I have watched and worked on this so much that I, myself, literally cannot listen to the song anymore. I lost inspiration for it QUITE a few times throughout its creation- Whether from lack of motivation, or feeling like it would never be good enough, or other stuff- But I finally finished it, and even if I don’t think it’s my BEST work, I’m still proud of how it turned out and hope others can enjoy it too!!

I have never used a video editing program this extensively before this project, so it was a bit of an uphill climb when it came to LEARNING how to use it, with pretty much no help, just trial and error- It’s… Pretty obvious where I improve, I think >>“ I also did all art, backgrounds, and storyboarding myself, with no help other than some advice from friends. It was… Tough, but I’m stubborn, so q-q

I think it’s also a pretty Neato demonstration of how  much my art improved, tbh- There’s a very… CLEAR jump from the beginning to the end of the vid- Apart from that one flickery frame near the beginning with the kids. I drew that one like, a few days ago.

If anyone wants a particular frame from the video rebloggable as an ACTUAL IMAGE, please shoot me an ask with the time it appears and I’ll try to fix it up for you!! I’ll go ahead and do this with a couple of other scenes I personally like, but to make sure yours is included, best to let me know!

I wanna say a little smth under the cut specifically to CQ so yep cut ahead

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Hello, all! We’ve recently had a stagnate in joined members for a few weeks now, and I’ve been demanded asked kindly by Wallis to inform that we still have an opening for his best friend, the lovely water magician, Seaweed! In case any of you are interested, we will provide with a link to the sign-up information below, and we will both do our best in evaluating your submission, and quickly get back to you as to whether or not you are accepted. Please remember to fill the form our completely and efficiently- We will only accept our own forms as submissions. Thank you all for your time in reading, I hope you all have very pleasant days! ~Professor Purple.

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✧゚・:*✧ ~ ADVERTISEMENT ~ ✧゚・:*✧

✧゚・:*✧  ✧゚・:*✧  Ahaha, hellooo all of you wonderful people~! Wallis Gloom here, to let you know that we still have an opening for one of the main characters- My brother, the awful hobo candy magician~! If you’re interested in maybe playing this asshole, please send in one of the supplied forms, and I- As the best mod- Will evaluate it~ No need to be shy, we don’t bite, haha! So please, do come on down, we’d love to have you- You may even get to talk to me, too, now wouldn’t that be amazing~? ✧゚・:*✧  ✧゚・:*✧  ✧゚・:*✧

henlo its mod zeph here,, We may do this every now and then as reminders that some characters are still available?? Idk!! But currently we still have an opening for the role of Harold!! So if anyone is interested, it’d be rad if you could send in a form!! Yep yep