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ew(.)com/article/2015/05/31/game-thrones-lady-stoneheart have you read this? what are your thoughts on it? I feel so sorry for GRRM

Yes, yes, I’ve been meaning to comment on this article and keep forgetting!

For those who have not read, it’s about the 5 characters Martin wishes the show had included. He said:

  • Jeyne Poole
  • Lady Stoneheart
  • The Tyrell bros (Garlan and Willas)
  • and Strong Belwas (??)

I can’t make sense of the last one. Martin seemed to imply it was because no Strong Belwas changed the nature of Dany/Daario, but I feel like I need TWOW to contextualize. Or maybe that was just kind of a throwaway “I was looking forward to seeing him adapted.” Like, I’m quite certain Martin misses Manderly and Arianne as well.

The Jeyne Poole shade was pretty strong. I think it’s as close as we’re going to get to him condemning what’s going on while it’s going on.

And speaking of shade:

“There are two older brothers, Willas and Garlan. I didn’t just put them in for hoots and giggles, they have roles to play in the last two books, and they don’t exist in the show.”

This is Martin’s way of being like “I know what I’m doing.” And it’s also the perfect counter to “creatively it made sense because we wanted it to happen.”

Keep in mind the HBO series is sometimes slammed for including scenes that Martin did not write (such as the recent rape of Sansa Stark, which happened to a minor character in Martin’s A Dance with Dragons), but likewise there are ways in which the show has made its female characters arguably more likeable (such as Sansa’s character in general), or gave them empowering new sequences (such as Brienne fighting The Hound). In general, the show and books operate from a similar creative perspective in terms of how they portray life in Westeros and Essos.

No. It doesn’t. 


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