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for @sunlewis, who came up with this glee au and then waited patiently for like a month for me to finish it. love of my life @softjimon for helping me edit and cheerleading me into publishing it. anne and jess are two of the best people on this planet earth and you can fight me on that!!

if you ever want to be in love (i’ll come around) || jace/simon, 10k+, glee au || ao3 link here

And all your tears will subside ,” She sings softly, her voice quieting down as the music lowers to just a single guitar again. Simon and Jace are standing by the lamp, and Jace looks at Simon, drinking in the sight of him crossing his arms and bumping shoulders with Jace, happily singing. “ And all your tears, will dry .”


It’s serenades week in Musical Performance 113, the slightly less exciting college version of Glee Club. Simon’s decided to woo Jace with this; Jace has decided to have an existential crisis with it.

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  • Brittany likes green strawberry tea, Santana drinks only black coffee.
  • Brittany loves cats, Santana always wanted a dog.
  • Brittany prefers Disney to anything, Santana never resists a good horror movie.
  • Brittany sleeps til noon when she has a chance too and she is a disaster when she doesn’t, Santana wakes up at 7 a.m., sometimes earlier but never later.
  • Brittany’s likes casual clothes and funny prints, Santana always dresses like she’s on a red carpet. 
  • Brittany is all for sports and healthy food, Santana thinks that getting up in the morning is already a sport and McDonald’s is absolutely healthy.
  • Brittany likes to read only fairy tales, Santana is a passionate reader and will read anything from kids stories to evolution theories.
  • Brittany likes Beyonce and Halsey, Santana only listens to old jazz or rock-n-roll. 
  • Brittany can solve any maths problem, Santana gets messed up with easy equations.
  • Brittany likes the atmosphere of prides, Santana likes their political meaning.
  • Brittany visibly demands Santana’s attention when she’s busy for too long, Santana often hesitates to distract Brittany.
  • Brittany never wanted a perfect wedding but got really worked up with theirs because with Santana it had to be perfect, Santana always wanted a perfect wedding but was calm about theirs because with Brittany it would be perfect anyway. 
  • Brittany likes parties and going out, Santana likes quiet evenings with just two of them.
  • Brittany loves Santana, Santana loves Brittany.

glee season 6 au [ part 1/? ]

finn is still alive and will has asked him to lead the glee club as his co-director until he finishes getting his teaching degree. with the help of some alumni, whom return to help out when they get the chance to come home, the new directions was able to grow to 13 members;
 sugar motta, joe hart, rory flanagan, ryder lynn, jake puckerman, marley rose, kitty wilde, unique adams, mason mccarthy, madison mccarty, roderick (too cool for a last name), jane heyward, and spencer porter. 
coming together quickly, the underclassmen feel right at home when as they join the directions. finn asks the upperclassmen act as the younger’s mentors, and unique, fun and amazing friendships are created.


GLEE AU: Sebastian had a tragic stage accident while he was performing as a professional dancer for the first time. His NYADA nemesis and roommate is a more heartbroken than he wishes he’d be.