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I don't think fandom really unpacks lorelai's decision to run away from home with the weight it deserves. I was rewatching the first season recently and just caught richard saying, "emily didn't get out of bed for a month." Lorelai never really addresses that she regrets the way in which she left but i think it comes out other ways: her sympathizing with mrs. kim, rory leaving school/home, her trying to patch things up after lane is kicked out etc.

I wonder how much Lorelai has truly considered the effect her running away had on her parents, but I don’t think she regrets it. She felt like it was the only option at the time. However, I do wonder if she does, as you said, ever envision how it must have felt like. On the other hand, I can’t stand how Lorelai always feels the need to bring up how her childhood was not so “warm and fuzzy” at every single corner. It’s like she enjoys taking down about her parents when they are actually good people who truly love her and their granddaughter. Yes, we saw both parents do pretty shitty things, and they have high expectations – but that doesn’t make them horrible people.

One of my favorite Lorelai/Emily scenes is in the early seasons when Lorelai casually goes over to the Gilmore House when Emily is gardening, and she just “hangs.” I wish the show would have expanded on that moment by giving us more like it. Those two have such a dynamic between each other, and it’s just as glorious when they get along as it is when they fight. I want(ed) to see more moments of just them hanging ( also see the end of the episode when Lorelai brings over a DVD player )