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Did you develop Ken much?

He didn’t interact with people as much as Maa-kun did (since he came later) but he still had his own 15 minutes of fame. I do remember a few things about him though

  • Ken was made to be very carefree and is a happy-go-lucky type of guy. Friendly, big brother type. Good with children.
  • His kisses taste differently…depending on his mood. Tangy (raspberry) when he’s playful, sweet when he’s loving (vanilla).
  • He felt somewhat unloved when baker-san created Maa-kun (since he was the older one) so he pretty much left her without a word. She got pretty pissed when he came back out of the blue.
  • Masochist.
  • Likes to tease, very playful. Wants to have a good time.

Kinda like a dog in a way…? lol