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Set 2 of my princess concept art icons!!!!! :D {Also featuring some non-princesses!!! :D <3} I colored them all myself!!!! :D

(Set 1) (Set 2)

You are more than welcome to use them just please give me credit and do not claim as your own!!! :) 

Enjoy!!! ^^ <3

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Won't let it go | established elsanna

Soo, this is a OS … but if you guys like it and would give me some feedback (containing ideas????) I might make it a series, or at least write a sequel. The focus of this fanfiction is more on the downside of being a Queen. 

Fandom: Frozen, Elsanna
Warning: incest, established elsanna, takes place about a year or almost two after the movie
Summary: With Arendelle’s gates being opened came a lot of pressure and many curious eyes of other Kingdoms and trade partners that are now forcing their tribute with public pressure. Queen Elsa finds herself trapped in royalty and Anna can’t do anything. 

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