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Johnny Depp was so impressed with the performance of Freddie Highmore during filming “Finding Neverland” that when Depp was cast for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” he specifically requested Highmore to play the title character of Charlie.  #JohnnyDepp #FreddieHighmore #FindingNeverland
Johnny Depp estaba tan impresionado con la actuación de Freddie Highmore durante “Descubriendo Nunca Jamás” que cuando lo llamaron para “Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate” específicamente pidió a Highmore para actuar del personaje de Charlie.  

There is no better feeling

then finally getting to see that musical you have been listening to for weeks, months, years. The musical you’ve sung as you danced around your room. The musical you have watched all the clips on the internet that are available. the musical that has helped you through tough times. Seeing it right before your eyes. There is nothing compared to that


Universe of constant spinning.
Every end and new beginning.
I begin to feel that something’s happening to me… 
And by closing my eyes I’ll be finding Neverland.


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favourite actresses [5/5] - Kate Winslet

Acting, and the privilege of being able to do it for a living, is so important to me. I don’t turn up and just hope for the best. I really fret about it. I do my homework; I prepare myself for the experience of playing a particular character.

you just close your eyes, and count to ten / breath in twice, and open them

you know where to go you have been there before in your heart

rb (me talking under cut)

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