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Is Squall Really Dead? Final Fantasy Producer Addresses The Series' Biggest Fan Theories
Was Aeris ever going to come back to life? Are Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII set in the same world? Is Gogo actually Daryl? Thanks to Yoshinori Kitase, we now have the answers to all of these questions. And they’re mostly “No.”
By Jason Schreier

First of all–VINDICATED!

Second, aw, c’mon Kitase, you just shattered so many headcanons for so many people, haha. 

So, in short: 

- Squall is not dead

- Rinoa is absolutely positively not Ultimecia

- Gogo is not Daryl

- Fans think more deeply about the characters they love than the authors often do, themselves. So if you like the idea that Squall is Dead or Rinoa is Ultimecia? Go for it and don’t let this big jerk tell you what to write.

This is, at least, interesting to know, what the writer(s) had in mind while designing the games. But authorial intent isn’t gospel. So I hope this doesn’t stop people from defining canon for themselves. 


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