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Sure! I hope you guys like it! I really enjoyed writing this. Sorry it took ao long, I’m still feeling super out of it. IDK what’s wring with me. Anyway I hope you like the story!

Read the last one here!

Tom took care of Marco for a bit over an hour after their talk. “Tom, stop fussing, I told you a million times that I’m okay.” Marco laughed lightly. Tom sat down and rubbed the back of his sheepishly, blushing a bit. “How about you sit down and take a rest.” Marco suggested. “We don’t need two of us sick.” He laughed. Tom smile and sat on the bed next to Marco. “Thanks again for helping me out.” Marco beamed.

“You’ve already thanked me a million times.” Tom assured, rolling his eyes. “Besides, I like helping you.” He added. As soon as he realized what he said he blushed deeply.

“You like helping me?” Marco asked.

“No! Well… yes but… it’s uh,… It’s just a good excuse to be around you and I…” Tom trailed off, blushing furiously. Marco smiled big and scooted closer to him.

“Go on.” He urged. Tom gulped and blushed deeper.

“W-well… I like you Marco… I like being with you and I want you to be okay because…” Tom bit his lip and Marco felt a little smile creep across his lips. He moved closer and motioned for Tom to keep talking. Tom blushed deeper and coughed nervously. “I think… I think you get what I’m trying to say.” Tom mumbled.

“I do.” Marco giggled. “And I like you too.” He whispered this, part, blushing himself. Tom flared up and his face lit up, fire swirled around him and his eyes glittered.

“You do?” He exclaimed. Marco nodded and the demon him in a hug, drowning the human in affection. “Oh Marco you don’t know how happy you’ve made me!” Tom cried. “I can’t believe you actually… wow!” Tom started laughing and Marco pulled away a bit, smiling at the demon’s adorable look of joy.

“Oh look at you.” Marco giggled. “You make me so happy, Tom, you really do.” He promised. Tom wrapped the human up in a hug and Marco hugged back. He closed his eyes and fell against the demon fully, now feeling tired from being so sick. Tom looked down and saw Marco’s sleepy look.

“You can rest for a while.” Tom assured. He made a move to set Marco down but the human held onto him tighter. Tom blushed deeper. “Uh… Marco?” He asked, shyly. Marco smiled up at him and snuggled against him.

“Don’t go, please.” Marco asked. Tom nodded and pulled Marco closer. “Thank you for being honest with me… about how you feel… I mean I had a feeling after you saved me but… It means the world to have you return my feelings.” Marco yawned. Tom beamed and petted the human’s head. He let Marco doze off and held the human close for a long time. Tom hummed a little to him and closed his own eyes, resting his head on top of the human’s.

The boys stayed there for a while longer. Every now and then Marco would stir in his sleep and Tom’s heart would flutter. He held the human closer and enjoyed being so connected with him. And the best part was, Tom felt really truly loved. He knew Marco wanted him there with him, and he knew Marco thought the same of Tom. He felt so… wanted! And loved! It was wonderful and new and all he could do was love the boys who gave it to him.

“Tom…?” A sleepy murmur came from below Tom’s head and the demon looked down. Marco was peering up at him with tired eyes and Tom smiled warmly. Marco smiled as well. “You stayed with me. I knew you would.” Marco yawned.

“Of course I stayed with you.” Tom whispered, he reached down to tuck Marco’s hair behind his ear. “How could I leave you when I just got the chance to tell you I love you?” Tom asked. Marco blushed and Tom giggled. “I’m serious, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life and now I finally have it. I love you Marco.” Tom grinned.

“Oh Tom, I love you too.” Marco giggled, rubbing his eyes. Tom kissed him on the head.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Wonderful.” Marco sighed in a dreamy voice. Tom laughed.

“No silly, how are you feeling health-wise?” Tom asked. Marco blushed and looked down.

“Oh, right.” He realized. “Better, I’m still so tired though.” Marco yawned. Tom took Marco back into his arms and positioned him to be comfortable.

“Well you can rest some more, I won’t leave, I swear.” Toom promised. Marco smiled and closed his eyes. “I love you, Marco.” He told the human.

“I love you too, Tom.” Marco whispered back.

“And I love you both!” A voice interrupted their romantic moment and the two boys, jumped, nearly falling off he bed. Star grinned in the doorway and Tom and Marco both blushed furiously. “Awww! You guys are so so so cute!” She exclaimed. “I just knew you guys were meant to be!” She giggled.

“Star!” Marco cried, scrambled his feet. “G-get out of here!” He stuttered. Tom blushed violently and covered his face with his hands.

“Aww! He’s getting all flustered, how cute!” Star teased. Marco growled at her. “Okay Okay, I’m leaving. I just get excited about how sweet you guys are!” She giggled. Marco made a face and Star left, after giving him a thumbs-up. She skipped out of the room and Marco put his arm around the demon and Tom blushed more.

“Sorry about that… she sort of really wanted us to get together.” Marco giggled nervously. Tom nodded and laughed himself, playing with his thumbs.

“Yeah… I sort of can tell. She seemed way too eager for me to come over and take care of you.” Tom recalled. Marco giggled and the two held hands for a while. “I think you should get some rest.” Tom told the human. “I’ll make you some soup for when you wake up.” He offered. Marco smiled and Tom scooped him up in his arms, putting him down on the bed and brushing his hair away. “See you soon.” Tom joked. Marco yawned and closed his eyes, but Tom stayed for a while longer, watching his human rest.

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I can’t believe I have 600 follows! I’m so happy this is my first follow forever.

First of all, I want to thank everybody that has kept me around Tumblr since 2012. (I know a long time!) Sorry if my banner sucks I made it last night quickly because I couldn’t wait. There’s too many amazing blogs I follow! If you’re looking for new blogs please please go to my blogroll!
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O importante é saber que tudo é um processo e não um acontecimento. Só quero que você confie em mim o pouco que puder e que cresça no amor pelas pessoas ao seu redor com o mesmo amor que compartilho com você. Não cabe a você mudá-las nem convencê-las. Você está livre para amar sem qualquer obrigação.
—  A Cabana.
O plano dos dois era muito simples. Permanecer juntos pelo resto de suas vidas. Um plano que qualquer um, em seu círculo de amigos, concordaria que era realizável. Todos os consideravam excelentes amigos, amantes e almas gêmeas destinadas a ficarem juntas. Mas por acaso, um dia o destino havia mesquinhamente mudado de ideia.
—  P.S. Eu Te Amo.

the meaning behind my icon

so i hit 1k a few days ago and im so so happy!!! 😭😭😭 i wanted to thank you all… after years in this website im finally happy with what i have… i was ignored a lot in my past blogs but now somehow you guys give me attention and that makes me so !!!! 💖✨ and even tho i still have a hard time making friends everyone is so nice to me, i feel so warm and safe 💕💖💗💘💞 

thank you so much for making my world a little warmer!!! ☀ this is a little gift to all my mutuals!! 🌻 pls tell me if i forgot you!!! also thank you @ mutuals following my sideblogs aka @yxxjung​ and @frogluv​ it means a lot!!

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hold my beer

Ok so this is yet another idea that I will NEVER have time to write (for those that follow my Cross the River one shots, I’m still sorry for inflicting the half finished fics on you haha. But I’m not sorry for inflicting this idea on you

Three words:

Drunk. Ladynoir. Wedding. wait is ladynoir even technically a word?

  • It’s quite a few years into the future and Adrien and Marinette are happily revealed and happily married. Everything’s just friggin peachy
  • One day there is an akuma, a girl who got dumped by a dickhead bf for another girl and then goes on a rampage to show everyone she is ‘good enough.’ After they defeat her, they try to cheer her up
  • Chat, being Chat, thinks that being a flirt will help boost her self-esteem, bc, you know, getting flirted at by a superhero is an ego boost no matter how sad you are
  • Lo and behold, it backfires
  • The girl (lets call her Ada) gets pissed off that Chat is flirting with her right in front of Lady, because “Aren’t you guys like, together??”
  • Chat backpedals, Lady facepalms. No it’s still not official or public that they’re together (keep work separate from home, yknow what I’m sayin, and besides, it’s unwise to let Hawky know the full extent of how much they care for each other because they don’t want to be emotionally manipulated in battle)
  • The girl is like “shit I thought you guys were like.. the perfect relationship. Obviously not. If even you aren’t together, then where’s the hope for me…. sighh….” :’(
  • Ada is so upset that they decide to let her in on a little secret. That in their civilian lives… they are married
  • Ada is all,  :’D omg seriously
  • (^..^) and >(:-:) are like, yeah, but dont tell anyone. It’s a secret. ((SLAPS YOU WITH HEAVY-HANDED FORESHADOWING)) Hey I know what’ll cheer you up, Ada. Lets go out for drinks!
  • AND SO MY FRIENDS, that is how Adrien and Mari end up spending a night on the town with a recent akuma victim as Chat and Lady…

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the last time i did a ff was back in december when i hit 1k and here i am in april making my follow forever for 6.5k?! this is so so crazy and to celebrate that, i’d like to thank my mutuals who are listed down below! Give them a follow because i love all of them :)

(i was gonna do a ff for 5k but i put it off and then ka blam i have 6.5k)
(this took me three hours) (again)

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